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X-OR (Incredible Coin Routine) Review

Official Review

March 14th, 2008 6:11pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
First let me say that I'm being lenient on several points that would normally make me nuts. This DVD comes from HeavenzKool in Japan. There's no speaking anywhere. All teaching is done via video interlaced with "typed" instructions on the DVD. The translation isn't great, but it should be understandable any English-speaker watching the DVD.

When I review product, I take many things into consideration. I have to ask myself questions about who might buy the product, where it might be performed, and what, if anything, it adds to our collective knowledge.

By forcing myself to answer these questions, I can't find much good to say about this product. Let's look at the issues:

For whom?
The moves are going to take a lot of work. I would guess that it's beyond the capability (and/or interest) of 90% of magicians. What do you get for this work? A few extra moves that might be useful in a coin routine somewhere.

The angles are horrible. I only imagine two places you could do this work: one-on-one or in front of a camera. TV, you say? Sure. But don't use the instructional video as a model. Everything is performed in front of a black shirt. We never even see the performer's face. So unless you're selling shirts on TV, get your hands up to your face!

So does this work add to our magical knowledge? I don't think so. Have I seen anyone do these specific moves? Actually, no. But if you're interested in this type of thing, I highly suggest the work of Shoot Ogawa and Apollo Robbins. They have entire routines centered around similar techniques. And they've put in years of work to weed out the stuff that doesn't work.

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The unbelievable effect in the above demo is what many magicians have been waiting a long time for.

First, the basic idea was to come up with a little peg and it took whole two years to finally complete as one routine. The majority of the work was the struggle to "make the impossible possible" to "realize the impossible effect".

  • You can show both hands are completely empty.
  • There are very few suspicious moves.
  • Make the effect work in the most impossible locations.

In consideration of these things and examine the method with more persuasion, then finally connect all "methods" and show them as "routine".

We don't think this is just an "effect". This is one of the exhibitions of our study and will be a new standard of magic technique as revolutionary way that equals other masterpieces.

The basic effects of "X-OR" are following three;

1) A.C.A.F
You show both hands are completely empty and draw attention to gathered fingertips.
When you pick quietly in the air, a coin will appear suddenly at the fingertips!
Then you directly hand it to the spectators and they check it.
Of course they don't find anything.
They also can check your hands, body and everything.

2) F.C.C.G
The spectator receives a clear glass and checks it carefully.
You retrieve the glass from the spectator and show both hands are empty, the cover the glass with a hand.
At the next moment, there is a sound that something dropped into the glass. And there appears a coin from covered place.

3) M.C.A.F.
After you let the spectators check the coin, you hold it at the fingertips.
At the moment you rub your finger, the coin squashes and finally completely disappears!
In the end you can repeat the first effect, A.C.A.F.

-The set up only takes a few seconds.
-You can hand the coins to the spectators.
-The effect can be done by only one hand.
-You can show both hands free and perform with half sleeves or T-shirts.
-The biggest point is that the effect happens at your "fingertips".
-The coin appearance or melt away happens at the fingertips.

The above 3 effects can be performed as series in one routine with logical development and can be repeated any time.

* No magnets.
* No thread or pull.
* No gimmick coins.
* No stooges.
* Can use any kinds of coins.

Effects that have been performed with both hands are now possible with only one hand and without any suspicious moves.

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