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Abyss - The Revolutionary Coin In Bottle Review

Official Review

March 4th, 2008 12:10pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
Revolutionary? Why is magic ad copy obsessed with exaggeration? In the case of this effect, it would have been better titled “An Exploration of a Method for an Impromptu Coin in Bottle.” Of course, then it wouldn’t sell. Ah the joys of marketing.

Hyperbole (and my annoyance) aside, this is a solid approach to the venerable coin in bottle. The main advantage to this particular approach is that you actually end up with a real coin in a real bottle, the neck of which is too small for the coin to fit through. Even better, with this method the effect can also be improvised on the fly. (I draw the same distinction here that Michael Weber draws in “Lifesavers,” which is that there is a difference between impromptu and improvised, improvised allowing for a surreptitious set-up when no one is looking.)

The basic method could be described in a page, but the author takes the time to cover several different approaches to the setup, as well as covering vanishes, acquitments, and displays. There is even a discussion on the different ways to present the effect itself. He also provides 2 different types of gimmicks for different approaches that allow for cleaner penetrations and even allow you to put a coin in a sealed bottle. (The author actually covers 2 methods for the sealed bottle effect.) Looking at the demo video, this effect looks exactly as you would wish it to look.

The basic method being offered for getting a coin in bottle is excellent (particularly the impromptu method), but what really lends this product value is the in depth exploration of every aspect of the effect. In the last few years there have been a lot of single effect releases offered to the magic marketplace, most of which could have used the kind of in depth exploration, research and thought that went into this product. This is the kind of quality I wish I could expect from everything sold to magicians. Unfortunately, frequently more thought is put in to the marketing of an item than into the quality of the item itself.

My annoyance with marketing aside, this is a solid product that produces a clean, straightforward effect using a practical method. At $16.95, it’s a bargain. There are a lot of methods out there to put various items in various types of bottles, but this method offers many advantages the others don’t have. I recommend it.
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Product info for Abyss - The Revolutionary Coin In Bottle

Author: The Enchantment
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $16.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

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You will be hard-pressed to find a stronger effect, at a better value than this...Years ago, ABYSS - The Ultimate Coin in Bottle revolutionized the coin in bottle illusion by producing an original method and effect never before possible. The Enchantment, producer of Skywalker, Archangel, and Dreamweaver, once again is releasing ground-breaking innovation that will transform magic hereafter.

The Enchantment presents ABYSS - The Revolutionary Coin in Bottle. Now you can perform the Ultimate Coin in Bottle routine with more revolutionary means, more possibilities, more practicality, and more impact.


The magician visually pushes a borrowed coin through and into an ordinary bottle. It is so visual people swear there must be a hole in the bottle. But the bottle is completely normal; free of any holes, slits, or openings of any kind. The coin is completely normal as well. That's right. The coin and the bottle are both ordinary, everyday, common items. No trick bottles, no trick coins. Everything is regular. The next kicker is that the coin is genuinely trapped inside the bottle and impossible to get out. The coin is far too large to get in or out of the bottle and remains fixed permanently in this impossible condition.

But that is not all...

The bottle is 100% Completely Sealed! The seal is unopened and has never been tampered with in any way…ever! Finally, this completely sealed bottle, with a coin trapped inside, that is too large to get in or out of the bottle, can be immediately handed out to your spectators for thorough examination, and as an astonishing keepsake. Needless to say, this is a genuine reputation maker.

ABYSS is packed full of totally new and original concepts, techniques, unbound possibilities, self-working presentations, as well as an authentically signed small coin in permanently sealed bottle routine where you give away an incredible souvenir.

  • Highly Visual
  • Ultra Quick Set-up
  • Incredibly Practical
  • Not Limited to Coins
  • Suitable for a Multitude of Countries & Currencies
  • Everything is Immediately Examinable
  • Bottle May Be Empty, Full, or Completely Sealed
  • Can Be Performed 360 Surrounded & End Completely Clean
  • Produces an Incredible Souvenir in an Impossible Condition
  • A Permanent & Everlasting Reputation Maker

This is pure, straight-forward, visual magic that is otherwise impossible on so many levels. The possibilities will excite and inspire you. The simplicity and ingenuity will surprise you. This is not merely a trick, but a genuine miracle that can be done virtually anywhere. There have been many releases that have emulated ABYSS since it was first released, but the ultimate is still the Ultimate!

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