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Paperclipped (VHS) Review

December 30th, 2002 11:01pm
Reviewed by Dick Anderson
This could very well be the only 5 star rating I can give to a trick. This trick will be a reputation maker. Understand that you get a very well done video by Jay Sankey that explains the trick. You accomplish an impossible feat with only a regular deck of cards and a paperclip....nothing else, other than a bit of practice to learn the two sleights needed and a LOT of practice on the presentation! Getting the presentation perfect is vital because the effect is SO impossible! You MUST follow Jay's intricate and well rehearsed steps to insure the spectator stays with you. When I first did this, I had the sleights down pat. However, I did not pay as much attention to Jay's suggestions on how to present the effect and I lost a lot of the impact as a result. Once I watched the VHS 3-4 times and LISTENED to and FOLLOWED Jay's routine, I then had a killer illusion. Use this as a other card routine can follow it! If you are a beginner, this is not out of your reach and if you are intermediate to advanced, you will have an illusion you will be able to master in a short time that will build you a reputation.
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Author: Sankey, Jay
Publisher: Jay Sankey Magic
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Retail Price: $25.00
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EFFECT: The performer removes a paperclipped and folded card from his pocket and sets it in full view of the audience. A card is then freely selected, signed and returned to the deck. And yet, when the performer unclips the folded card and slowly unfolds is found to be the signed card. This is a truly mind-blowing impossibility.

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