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Ellis Aces Review

Official Review

February 22nd, 2008 4:08pm
Reviewed by Christian
Ellis Aces volume IV is a continuation of effects that Ed is putting out for $20 a DVD. This is the second Ellis DVD I have looked at. This DVD has high production values and is easy to follow. The DVD is built around an effect where 4 aces are shown and then placed in different parts of the deck. The last ace is cleanly shown and placed in the deck. All the cards are squared and in an instant the aces are seen at the top of the deck. This is all done with a regular deck. He also includes a treatise on the riffle force, a demonstration of various subtle and flashy card handlings, and another installment of the Ed Ellis TV show.

It is immediately apparent that Ed has chops. The strength of this DVD is how Ed handles his cards. He likes to be showy, smooth, and flashy. Ellis Aces is a quick visual, perfect for walk around and has that new, cool street magic look. But who is this DVD for? Six years ago, I would have been unsure, but the internet has spawned a new generation of magicians. Ones that seem to have high technical ability but little knowledge beyond the few complex tricks that they perform. I bring this up because after a watching the first two tricks on the DVD, Ed gives a lesson in the riffle force. Back in the day, if you were able accomplish those two tricks, it was a sure thing that you could already perform the riffle force.

Today, you cannot make that same leap in logic. The internet and DVD’s have changed how people learn magic. This DVD would seem to fit very well in this new market for the young guns that have chops and still need to learn some of the basics by a working pro.

What about the rest of us? Well, it is simple. If you are looking for a visual, in the hands, quick, four card rising to the top ambitious type of trick, then this is a good one and it is well explained. The extras on the DVD make it fun and easily worth the $20 price tag.

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Author: Ed Ellis
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Ellis Aces - A lightning fast and highly visual finger tip single card production...multiple uses!

Stair Step Control- Any four cards are inserted out and injogged. this creates a STEP look and the feeling of deck DEPTH before being squared. The last card is openly shown and maybe handled by the spectator before insertion! Then all apear on top with no extra handling!

Axis Double - Designed to be openly shown then the indifferent card is placed in the middle of deck with NO APPARENT DITCH of object card on top! Demonstrates Ed's INTENT CONTINUUMTHEORY.

Rifle Slip Force - A known force with the addition of THE CARD CAME FROM THE CENTER,LOOK.

Card Style - Additional ways to Add Single Card Flair than previously featured in Volume One. Materialize.

Earth Shattering Magic - Hot card ideas to be seen on a future DVD...Then all collapses!!!!

Thanks to Dan Baxley on camera and sound, and master editor Harold E. Brown Jr. Great Job!

So sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing DVD presentation, and see for yourself why many refer to Ed Ellis as the "World's Fastest Hands".

Running Time Approximately 54min

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