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The Lee Grabel Archival Project (4 DVD Set) Review

Official Review

February 22nd, 2008 4:04pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
It's very hard to review this DVD set. First, there's so much material. But that's a good thing for an Archival Project.

The video quality is better than I expected. There are some segments that are very bad. I did like that the producer put notes in the DVD content forewarning the viewer that the quality was going to be bad.

Any student of magic history (and you all should be) should watch these DVDs. Lee Grabel was one of the masters of our craft and, sadly, his name is not being remembered. Thank you to Lance Burton for keeping the history of the Dynasty alive. Grabel is mentioned ten times a week at the Monte Carlo in the opening act of Lance's show.

My only gripe about these DVDs is the organization. The choice of what went on each DVD seemed totally haphazard to me. I would have preferred a chronological or thematic order.

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Lee Grabel Archival Project was completed in 2004 under the guidance of Lee Grabel himself. The end result is a reference work to be placed in libraries, schools, and other education institutions. This Limited Edition set of four DvD's chronicles the life work of a master entertainer and includes...

Disc One : Do Not Believe All You See Or Hear, Grand Illusions, The Royal Dynasty.

Disc Two : More History, The Big Show, Miscellaneous, Plus How-To-Routines.

Disc Three : We Remember Lee Grabel 1 & 2.

Disc Four : Passing The Mantle, Cards and Walkoffs, 25th Anniversary, Q&A, Family Business, 2004 Honors.

Running Time Approximately 5hr 52min

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