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Phil Review

December 30th, 2002 11:00pm
Reviewed by Dick Anderson
If you have read any of my other reviews, you will note that I am partial to packet or prepared card tricks. This one is a cute, quick trick I use to interject some humor and lightness during my close-up routine. However, even with the humor and lightness, it is a baffeling trick and I have found my audiences enjoy it. As in ANY illusion, there are three main ingredients: Presentation, timing and presentation! A good trick can be ruined by bad presentation and a weak trick can be made superb by good presentation. Phil is a good trick, using a prepared deck that will defy any observer to determine how it works. Add this to your close-up routine. It plays well and the price is right.

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Author: Duffy, Trevor & Goldstein, Phil
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A deck of cards is set down on a table. A spectator is asked simply to think of any playing card and the magician says he will name it. After a moment of thought, the performer declares, "The name of your card is Phil. You know, short for Philip." The audience is understandably a bit surprised. The pack is removed and then shown to have different names printed boldly on the back of every card. When the deck is turned face up and the card named by the spectator is found, it is the one and only card named Phil. Not rough and smooth, only one deck is used, instantly reset, no force of any kind, no sleight of hand, any card can be named.

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