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February 1st, 2008 7:26pm
Reviewed by David Parr
This disc would not play in my DVD player. It displayed an error
message that read "Not NTSC." The DVD played once in my computer, but subsequent tries have been unsuccessful. The drive automatically ejects the disc.

Because the video was brief -- about fifteen or eighteen minutes in
duration -- I think I can describe it based on one viewing:

A shaky handheld camera finds a magician sitting on an adjustable stool in a filthy warehouse. He is clad in jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. He causes a coin to vanish by rubbing it on his knee. The coin is reproduced beneath his knee.

What the magician named Titanas has discovered -- or, more accurately, rediscovered -- is a method for creating an impromptu servante, sans table, that allows the performer to ditch a palmed coin while wearing short sleeves. Which is not to say that what the performer is wearing is unimportant, because it does play a critical role.

The video shows this impromptu "device" being applied to a number of effects: a coin changes into a different coin; a borrowed coin bends by itself; a borrowed, marked coin bends by itself; a marked coin passes through the bottom of a drinking glass; a coin turns into aluminum foil; a marked coin turns into aluminum foil and then
reappears inside a matchbox.

No attempt is made to present the material as anything other than a stunt. The shaky-cam is used throughout the video. Explanations are just this side of adequate.

In casual settings, the basic idea of Fade could be useful. For instance, it would allow the performer to be rid of telltale evidence after switching one coin for another. But it is also rather limited. The performer must be seated when using this technique. And it is very angle-prone, so it should probably be reserved for one-on-one performance, as it is on this DVD.

At the very end of the video, a text screen appears. I remember it because I had to pause the DVD to read all of it and because it made me laugh. The text explains that "Just before the release of this DVD someone informed me that the principle [on this video] was used again by Leipzig. For more information, check Vernon's DVD's [sic] and books." So let me get this straight: There was enough time to add this text to the video, but not enough time to track down an actual SOURCE? The text goes on to credit an old dodge for ditching a coin (I learned it from Bobo's The New Modern Coin Magic, published in 1964) to some guy's recent DVD. Nice work, Encyclopedia Brown!
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Author: Titanas
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Manufacturer's Description:

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FADE is a topitless, lapless, propless way to vanish, secretly exchange or visually switch a coin.

Titanas brings you a fundamental technique that EVERY magician that performs with coins or small objects needs to have in their magic armory.

Forget about gimmicks and contraptions to do your work! Put your pulls, threads, magnets and reels back in your magic draw, FADE gives you a radical yet simple, impromptu yet powerful, easy to do technique and explores everything it can bring to your magic.


  • Knee Penetration
  • Coin Bending #1
  • Simple Coin Vanish
  • Coin Transposition

FADE takes a simple to perform 'move' and elaborates on it to make it easier grasp the deeper mechanics for astonishing results. But the most important benefit that FADE will give you is a technique that can easily be incorporated in to your existing routines with coins or small items. Your use of FADE can be adapted to your own performing style and the setting you perform in. Learn effects taught on the video or combine its use within your own routines for that little extra that will send your spectators into insanity!

The video covers a whole series of moves then multiple variations are discussed and presented in depth. Titanas teaches you everything you need to get the most out of this technique and presents additional tips & tricks that we know you will really love.

Once you have understood the 'core' FADE move, you will be taken on to develop more applications for the technique including:

  • Coin Bending #2
  • One Handed
  • Surrounded
  • Coin through Glass
  • Coin to Matchbox
  • Advanced

Running Time Approximately 21min

"What a delight! The two routines I loved the most were "coin bending #1" as well as "transposition". Both of them combine multiple levels of deceit and the result is very visual, mysterious and, to be honest, I like them the most because they are rather quick, impressive and as Tamariz used to say "it leads the mind of laymen to continuous dead-ends" while trying to "solve" the mystery. Voila!... Some other routines, like coin to glass and coin to matchbox don't exactly fit my style but their characteristics tempt me to try them because again they are very visual and will hit hard the audience. The basic move is not alone - alternatives of the basic move as well as some other nice moves and subtleties make the DVD very complete and concise. And if you, like me, chase like mad routines where you end clean, then again Bingo - all moves enable you to do that and you won't regret it. Now, the video quality is indeed an MTV one which puts some energy into it and some people will like (especially younger people) while some other may not (so they will get a bit dizzy while watching it!). But if you buy something for the ingredients and not for the packaging, then "Fade" is for you and you won't regret it - all routines, moves and subtleties are worthwhile and you will apply them very soon with magical results..."
- Aware

"When Titanas showed me this amazing effect I was keep on rewind it and got fooled every time, when he shared with me the workings, I was even MORE fooled than before."
- Néfesch

"I just wanted to give you guys my two cents worth on Fade. The Principal that is taught on the DVD is very usefull and I am sure that just about everyone will use this. The teaching is clear and consise, and the video quality is good. The DVD is short but by the time your thru watching it you will be able to do Fade with no problems. If you can use what you see in the demo then that's what you will get and I wouldn't read any more into it than that. Thanks Tiatansgr for bringing a good principal back into the light...."
- Dmann

"I think the FADE concept is a thing of rare beauty... I would say of "terrific" beauty, but that expression has been taken already by Max Maven.

All is 100% impromptu and while there is only one limitation I can think of, Titanas does a good job with providing you with any possible cover for the move itself and for some angles of sight which must be blocked.

Many routines found their way in this DVD, anything from simple vanishes of a coin to some more elaborate coin change or even a coin to matchbox effect.

But, as a Mentalist, my interest has to go with the Coin Bend.

I like some of the subtleties with the signature of the coin (actually I have used something like that myself for long time) and I like how the "move" is clean, quick and, for all purposes, undetectable.

And that's exactly as it should be!

As already posted by someone else, the very basic move is not the only one you will get. There are other alternative moves and all of those have their time and place.

I also suggested to Titanas that probably any small object could be used, either with the original, basic move or with one of the alternative ones. I can highly recommend FADE."
- Paolo Cavalli "The Possibilist"

"Well I must say that after reviewing the Fade DVD that I am very impressed with the overall production. The video is of high quality, and the explanations are clear and straight to the point. The basic move is very deceptive and pleasing to the eye. The coin simply vanishes with no awkward moves or any tells what so ever. There are many applications that are taught, with cool coin bending effects. Fade is so deceptive all avenues that your spectator will try and go down to figure out how you vanished the coin will be met with a dead end sign. My favorite routines in this DVD are the Transposition and Coin to Glass. The multiple uses for Fade are mind-boggling. There is also a way, if you put your mind to it, to do a coins across on your knees (you will see when you get the DVD). This is not mentioned on the DVD, it's just this DVD will get your creative juices flowing, like it has done with me.

The teaching so clear that nothing is left out, and there are many helpful and concise variations taught. Not to mention alternate handlings and sleights that can be used in conjunction with Fade. I have stopped giving an out of 10 score, as I feel either an effect is a must have, or an I'll pass on this one. Fade is a definite must have. Pick this one up; you will be glad you did."
- Jeremy Hanrahan (Creator of The Untouchable)

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