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Fingers of Fury Vol.2 (Death By Cards) Review

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January 14th, 2008 6:40pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I ended up giving this a half-star lower rating than the first volume. All of the material was good, but some of it lacked the creativity that was inherent in all of the routines in the previous volume. Still, it's good stuff...

Whiteside and Penman
You basically get two effects with this. I didn't really care for the first one wherein a card is selected and its mate is found by spelling. Maybe I just don't like spelling tricks. Or maybe it's because the second effect is so strong that the first one seems almost unnecessary.

In the second effect, you tear the two mates in half. Someone hands you one half of each and you meld them together into one card. I could really see this being turned into a lovely bit of magic for couples...

You'll need to obtain or make some special cards for this. The DVD doesn't go into any detail about how to make the cards, but it's not exactly brain surgery. If you can't grok it on your own, call your local dealer.

I used to love doing Paul Harris' linking cards. This is a very simple version done with one card. The two “rings” are concentric circles torn from the single card. This isn't an entire routine, but rather just a quick link and unlink. My only problem with the effect, as shown, is that there's no cleanup to hide the (somewhat obvious) method.

No Way
“Twisting the Aces” with Jokers where the jokers turn into aces as a finale. Nice but pretty standard stuff, especially for such a creative guy.

Polter Deck
It starts with a very clean haunted deck. I would have stopped there, at least for performance. The routine includes two more moves, both of which are very nice for an ambitious card or card revelation routine. Unfortunately, they take the amazing mystery of the haunted deck and turn it into “just another card trick.”

The haunted deck itself is very easy to do and doesn't require any gimmicks. I could even be done with a borrowed deck, assuming it was in decent shape. This was easily my favorite thing on the DVD.

I think Alan was infested with Ed Marlo's ghost when he came up with this. It'd be a great card trick for the folks at the magic club. Too long. Too complicated. Too many moves.

A couple of very nice moves to add to an ambitious card routine or card revelation. Cool stuff.

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Author: Alan Rorrison
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On DVD for the very first time, one of magic's newest and brightest talents, Alan Rorrison, unleashes the very best material from his working repertoire. These are the effects that have gained Alan a reputation as a magician who, time after time succeeds in combining fresh, original plots with unique, off the wall methods.

Volume Two - Death By Cards
Watch as Alan magically links and unlinks rings torn from a playing card! Causes the deck to eerily cut itself right to a selection! Discovers a selected card between two Jokers that have been in full view throughout! All this and more awaits you on this fantastic DVD. Climb aboard and buckle up as we delve deep into the mind of one magic's hottest new names in FINGERS OF FURY Vol.2 - DEATH BY CARDS

242 - a selected card leaps about the deck, turning face up and changing into other cards.

JoKing - a signed card is repeatedly captured between the two red kings. Finally it escapes, only to appear between the two black kings who have been on the table in full view the entire time!

Linker - An impromptu linking rings using just one playing card.

Whiteside & Penman - Two torn halves of two different cards are magically fused into one extremely bizzare card!

PolterDeck - A selected card becomes exiled from the deck. It leaps to the top, reveals itself mysteriously from the centre and finally shoots from the pack.

No Way - A packet of four jokers turn face down one by one. But when they are turned face up, they have changed into the four aces. And all with NO GAFFS!

Running Time Approximately 2hr 24min

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