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Copin's ITS (Instant Thread Security) Review

Official Review

January 5th, 2008 9:30pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
As with invisible thread, everyone has different needs when it comes to thread dispensers. This one just happened to suit my needs perfectly. As with the thread, I gave this five stars because of the quality of the materials and instructions.

There are many versions on the market, from ITR versions to the Spider Pen. Most of the recent models are “continuous and retractable” dispensers. You load one long thread into the device, pull out the length you need, and then it loads itself back into the unit when you're done.

Copin's version dispenses threads of a specific length. The basic setup has one end with wax or blue-tack and the other with a small magnet. The magnet is actually part of the loading and packing system.

It takes a bit of work to load the thread. Copin uses thread throughout his act and uses the same basic hookup for every effect, so he brings it out at the beginning of the show and leaves it until he's done. This system is probably not workable for table-hopping.

Once the thread is setup in the container, getting it into play is a piece of cake.

The production quality is excellent. You get the ITS gimmick, plenty of blue-tack and thread.

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Author: Bruno Copin
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Manufacturer's Description:

Ever 'lose' a thread in the middle of a performance? Well now you have I.T.S. to back you up!

Instant Thread Security is essential for all those who use the invisible thread! Very practical and easy to use, fits in your pocket and is magnetic. It makes it possible for the magician to immediately setup a new thread ready to go, even under the nose of the spectators!

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