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Cipher Speak (Two Person Code) Review

Official Review

January 30th, 2008 9:26pm
Reviewed by Christian
Cipher Speak is a two person code system that is offered by Leaping Lizards Magic. The soft book is 43 pages. It is a reprint from “The Stark Chronicles”. The Stark Chronicles was a two book offering on mental and bizarre magic which included as a bonus all the information in the Stark Chronicles. Cipher Speak is priced at $35.

The book is well written and is an actual book i.e. not comb bound or staple bound pages. The first seven pages of the book explain the difficulty and challenges with respect to learning a two person code. Although it was interesting, I wish they would have gone into greater detail about the act of coding, showmanship, and set up. These issues are just as important, if not more so, than the actual code itself.

The next 30 pages of the book covers the code. It is well explained and everyone should be able to grasp the workings of this system. The last few pages give some ideas for presentation.

It is difficult to rate a book like this. Why? Because so few are available. Books on code acts are rare. I can only think of about five references that are currently available. If you are serious about a code act it would be wise to collect them all.

Most couples that do code acts will tell you that you will eventually develop your own code. In a magazine article, Simon Aronson discussed the challenges of a code act and how it must match your natural speaking vocabulary.

With that said, if you are developing a code act then this book is a must buy. It provides much different coding concepts than other references. You will need to purchase all the information you can on code acts and then study them, play with them, and eventually discover the code that fits you.

If you are merely curious about code acts and just want to learn the secrets, then you must simply ask yourself if learning a secret you will not use is worth $35. The information is solid and the author does deliver a solid code system.

I gave this book 4 stars out of 5. Even though I stated that it is a must buy for a serious student of coding, I believe the book should have covered other aspects of a coding act to earn the 5 star rating.

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Product info for Cipher Speak (Two Person Code)

Author: R.T. Stark
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $28.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A definitive two person code system based upon spoken SOUNDS, not specific words.

Includes a simplified starter system, cautions, historical data, performance rights, detailed tables, and more.

Originally, this code system was known only to ONE OTHER PERSON IN THE WORLD! Now, revised, updated, and offered in this soft cover, 40 Plus page, stand alone, stapled monograph, we present Cipher Speak.

Cipher Speak is an innovative take on the two person telepathy act, traditionally done using a verbal or physical code. The downfall of MANY of those systems is that they locked you in to using a long list of previously memorized words that may or may not have suited YOU.

In Cipher Speak, a trail has been blazed in that only 13 separate codes are used, and these are not words but phonic sounds that can be woven inside ANY words that you choose. If you are familiar with many of the standard mnemonic systems out there you may already know a version of these phonic tools, and would be ahead of the game. If not, this booklet explains the basics of how the code works, offers you a series of sample tables which you can alter and build upon but MORE IMPORTANTLY this Cipher Speak system does something few others have done with the verbal code- it gives you a viable framework around which to do this routine.

In addition, the author offers you several alternative method that make learning easier. We include an entire routine suggestions with special throw away reveals AND a KICKER finale ending that is sure to build to a big "O". Plus the text invites you to examine your own motivations for wanting to do this sort of act.

Pages 43 - Softbound

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