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Thought Of Cards Across Project Review

Official Review

December 14th, 2007 2:51pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
This booklet contains three versions of the effect for which the book is named. All three use a regular deck of playing cards.

The book does a decent job of crediting others who have worked on this plot. You could probably fill an entire booklet with a complete list of previous versions.

John Carey's Thought of Cards Across
Twelve cards are selected at random from a deck and separated into two packets of six each. Someone thinks of a card in one packet. The packets are handed out to audience members and the thought-of card moves from one packet to the other.

This will require a bit of slight-of-hand, but nothing too fancy. The Afterthoughts are, in my opinion, more like requirements. With so few cards, you'll want to have more control over the cards that are chosen and how they're arranged in the packets. I think you'll also want to make sure your helper gets his or her card with a quick glance. You don't want them remembering more than one card.

Gary Jones' Thought of Cards Across Plus
This version is done with 20 cards split into two packets of ten. One is thought of and caused to pass to the other packet. As a kicker, the performer asks if anyone else saw a card. This second person's card is now caused to travel, as well.

With 20 cards, you don't have to be so anal about the mix of cards. There's only two moves, but one is a half-pass. This might scare some of you away, but I think this routine is worth the time to master this sleight. There's a built-in “rest” moment which provides the perfect opportunity. There's also a single-card palm, but it's done after the effect is apparently over, so there's no heat whatsoever.

Christopher Williams' Thought of Cards Across
The effect is essentially identical to Gary Jones' version, including the kicker ending.

The method requires the same moves as Gary's version, but also adds a “gravity Lareverse”. The description for this move was a bit sketchy and it took me three times reading it to grok what was going on. This method has a couple of nice visual moments and puts more of the counting in the hands of your helpers.

Overall, these are solid, workable methods for this classic plot. I'm a personal fan of using feked cards, but if I needed to do it with a regular deck, I'd certainly choose a routine from this book.

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Author: Christopher Williams
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Manufacturer's Description:

20 cards are taken from the deck and 10 turned face up, 10 face down. The spectator chooses which packet they want to think of a card from, and in the same condition, the cards are given to a spectator, 10 cards each. Just a snap and there are now 11 in one packet and 9 in the other. The spectator's card has traveled across! But wait, another spectator saw a card... no problem! The magician snaps his fingers and another card has jumped across, leaving 12 cards and 8, the second selection has gone across! All done in the hands!

  • No Switches
  • No Gaffs/Gimmicks
  • Use A Borrowed Deck
  • Use A Fully Shuffled Deck
What we offer here, are three different handlings, which have been tried and tested for working professionals. Each handling has been improved and streamlined through years of performing the effects, and they all can be done with borrowed decks, shuffled decks, no switches, everything very open and fair!

These routines take the Thought of Cards Across plot to the next level. We are sure you will find at least one of the routines that suit you and your performing style.

  • Gary Jones - Thought of Cards Across Plus
  • John Carey's - Thought of Cards Across
  • Christopher Williams - Thought of Cards Across
Pages 12 - Saddle Stitched

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