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Eliminator V2.0 (With DVD) Review

Official Review

December 14th, 2007 2:51pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I think we've all learned to distrust the marketed descriptions of magic effects. Eliminator reeked of “creative writing,” especially with all of those bullet-points.

But they delivered without the tiniest hint of disappointment.

It's a classic effect. Two cards are chosen at random (no force). They're lost in the deck. The deck is dropped into the performer's (empty) pocket. The performer is then easily able to find the two chosen cards.

It's that simple, really. There really is no slight of hand required.

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Author: Adrian Sullivan
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Now Includes Instructional DVD!

This effect has been shared with only a select few in the past, and has fooled many a seasoned professional! This is one of those killer routines that has been kept secret for some time. You will be blown away by the cleanness and impossibility of the effect and also it's simplicity! We are very glad Adrian has allowed us to release it to the magic fraternity.


Listen to this: Whilst the performer's back is turned, two participants each look at a card from the deck. The selections are free choices and different every time. The deck is then shuffled and dropped into the performer's empty pocket. As each person merely thinks of their card the performer produces it from his pocket! All without a single move!!

But there's more! Check this out: The deck is fairly shown front and back at the start of the effect. The selections really are genuinely free and from any part of the deck. The participants handle the deck throughout. The effect may be instantly repeated and the selections are different every time. The deck is self-contained, nothing extra is hidden in the performer's pocket or added or removed at any time. The deck is genuinely shuffled before being placed in your pocket. If you like, it may be placed in one of the participant's pockets and yet you can still locate the selections! For the 'mental' performer, you can simply name the two selections without producing them.

Want even more? OK, but you'll be sorry you asked:

  • No rough-and-smooth.
  • No long-and-short.
  • No double-faced, double-ended, mis-indexed or other specially printed cards.
  • No marked cards.
  • No deck switches.
  • No pocket indexes.
  • No memory work.
  • No sleights whatsoever.
  • No forces.
  • Nothing written down.
  • No stooges, no assistants, no secret signaling devices or codes.
  • Quick reset.
The DVD contains the correct handling, tips & each sleight and move for effect is explained in full detail, making the trick far easier and quicker to learn than ever before!

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