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Riser Deck Review

Official Review

December 14th, 2007 2:51pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I tend to inspect props and read read written instructions before watching the DVD. When I opened the “deck” included with this trick, my brain immediately thought, “WTF?”

So I popped in the DVD and all became clear to me.

There are a lot of new ideas in magic that are clever, but unworkable. This isn't one of them. I have to agree with the author that this is one of the best endings for an ambitious card routine ever.

It's basically self-working. There are two “moves”, but they're natural moves that just need to be done on an off-beat. Mark offers detailed instructions and options for each these moves. This is easily within the skill level of most magicians.

The instructional DVD is very clear and it's obvious that Mark has been working with this for years. He's covered all of the bases and has tips for everything that might go slightly wonky. Lots of details leads to a confident performance.

The props are of a very high quality and should last for a long time, even for a working pro.

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Author: Mark Elsdon
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Created over a decade ago, the Riser Deck has long been one of magic's best kept secrets. Previously shared with only a handful of fellow professionals, Mark Elsdon has finally decided to release his show-stopping effect to the general magic community.

At the climax of an ambitious card routine, the performer offers to repeat the effect 'one last time, under test conditions'. The deck is replaced in the case to prevent any possible manipulation by the performer, and the signed selection is held by the spectator. Read carefully now, this is exactly what happens: the spectator himself pushes his own signed card into the cased deck, anywhere he wants - in the middle, near the bottom, wherever. The deck and card can be fully shown face-up if desired as the spectator pushes his selection flush into the deck. The case is closed and given a little shake. The case is re-opened and completely fairly the top card is removed - it is the signed selection!

The spectator can even remove the card himself if you choose, but with an effect this powerful, we're sure that you'll want to take the credit yourself!

Remember: only one card is pushed into the deck and it really is the signed selection, there is no switch. The spectator genuinely can push his selection into the deck anywhere he chooses. The selection and cased deck can be fully shown on all sides as the selection is pushed flush into the deck. When you re-open the case the selection really is on top! It looks absolutely impossible. Almost any conditions you can dream up, the Riser Deck meets them all.

Each Riser Deck is individually hand-made to Mark Elsdon's exact specifications by world-renowned master-craftsman Rob Bromley. The work that goes into this ingenious deck is the result of countless hours of collaboration, tweaking the design and construction to make it perfect. The incorporation of Bromley's innovative 'W-Principle' provides the finishing touch. The result is an innocent-looking performance prop that is destined to take its place in the repertoires of professional magicians around the world and is sure to become the classic ending for any ambitious card routine.

The Riser Deck comes complete with handmade gimmick and full instructional dvd!

This is what the Pros have to say about The Riser Deck

"How cool! A deck that does the pass for me INSIDE the box. Can you make a deck that does the top change for me?"
- Nate Kranzo

"The Riser Deck is not only clever and novel, it is a logical ending that increases the impossibility of a standard Ambitious Card routine. Mark definately has a winner here that anyone can do."
- Angelo Carbone

"Mark has found a practical yet astounding finish to the Ambitious Card. Based on Daryl's Ultimate Ambition, 'The Riser' happens with the deck sealed in the card case!"
- Joshua Jay

"I love to be fooled and the Riser Deck just fooled me...badly. I can't wait for its release so I can find out how it's done!"
- Peter Duffie

"I was fooled, and fooled badly!"
- Christopher Williams

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