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DEEP - Rising Card Unlimited Review

Official Review

December 14th, 2007 2:50pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I've been using Kundalini Rising for over a decade. It's hard to beat and is the standard by which I judge other rising card methods.

Each performer's requirements are different, so let me just give you the specifics on what you can and can't do with this version.

  • The card is freely selected, no force.

  • The cards can be examined and can even be used in other effects, with some care.

  • As a bonus, the cards are actually very useful for lots of other routines.

  • The box can be visually examined but can't be handed out.

  • The “rise” must be done in the performer's hands.

  • All of the performer's fingers are visible during the rise.

  • The card could be signed, but you'd need to replace it with another prepared card, which won't be that easy.

I have only two issues with this method. First, you only get about 1” of rise out of the card. It's almost not enough, especially if you want to do this on stage. The “rise” barely clears the flap. Second, while your fingers are all visible during the rise, you need to move at least one of them to make the card rise. This can be covered with appropriate blocking, but you'll need to put some serious consideration into the timing and movement of the rise.

The props are well constructed. I'm normally an ass when it comes to grammatical errors. But since this comes from the HeavenzKool team in Japan, I'm going to overlook all of that. The instructions are readable and any intelligent magician should have no problem getting this to work.

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Spread the deck and show the both sides to have the spectator convinced that there's no trick.
They can shuffle freely.
You ask a spectator to pick a card (without any force!) and memorize it. He can sign on it if he wishes.
The chosen card is placed back to the middle of the deck by the spectator.
Show the outside and inside of the case, and immediately put the deck in.
Pinch the sides of the case with thumb and forefinger, and call the spectator's attention to the case. All the fingers are seen and nothing is concealed.
While the spectator is paying attention to the case, suddenly a single card is seen to rise right up slowly out of the deck- it's the chosen card!
After this is done, the both sides of the case are shown and the deck is taken out of the case to spread.
Still, no tricks!
You can repeat this trick again and again!
Both hands are free and no long sleeves of the jacket are required.

This absolutely incredible effect is similar to the masterpiece, "Rising Card". However, there is a distinctive difference between the two and this is totally advanced as follows.

  • During the 'Rising', all the fingers are seen, and no any finger is hidden behind the case.
  • When someone asks to show the both sides of the case, you can show it without any hesitation. It might be really incredible, but even in the midst of the "Rising" you can make the chosen card risen up turning the case around, as if the card is rising up by its own power. Anybody won't believe his eyes.
  • No threads, weight, magnet or THUMBTIP - all self contained.
  • Add nothing, reduce nothing.
  • Just a deck and a card case. That's all, can you believe it?
  • You can control the speed of rising. You can manage to stop rising, restart or return it to the deck if desired.
  • This method is beautifully simple and easy to master for everyone.

Comes complete with deck, card case and 9 pages of photo-illustrated instructions.

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