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Royal Stab Review

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December 14th, 2007 2:50pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I'm always wary of effects that use “funny” cards “ cards that have special printing, caricatures, etc. Most are just cute but lack a realistic premise. Card-Toon was an obvious exception. This is another.

The idea is clever and the minimal script provided is a good basis on which to build a nice routine. The quality of the printing is excellent and they provide you with two cards so you could theoretically do this at adjoining tables in a restaurant without having to force the same cards.

If you want to do this, you'll need two basic sleights: a force and a double-lift. The authors cover the standard “Criss-Cross Force” in the instructions. That'll do just fine if you don't have a better method in your repertoire.

If this effect suffers from anything, it's not knowing when to quit. The idea of having the King of Clubs stab the card is novel. But once they've seen it the first time, the second stabbed-card is anticlimactic. I'd love to have one of the Kings with just a single stabbed card.

If you do this, I will make one suggestion. After the cards are returned and shuffled into the deck, give the cards a cut and then spread through to find the King of Clubs. To have it “magically” appear on the top of the deck after the shuffle basically nullifies the validity of the shuffle.

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Author: Richard Sanders
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Card Stab That Fits In Your Pocket!

Physically alter a standard playing card and hand it out for immediate examination!

What do you get when you combine audience participation, selected playing cards, a great plot and a magically altered playing card?

You get the little pocket miracle from the mind of Richard Sanders that will blow away your audience every time!


Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. You bring up the topic of the classic effect, The Card Stab, where the magician thrusts a sword into a deck of cards, impaling the selections on it. You boldly offer to perform this miracle; however, you explain that presently all your swords are at the dry cleaners.

Luckily there is one card in the deck that carries his own sword, the King of Clubs. After the King of Clubs has been thoroughly examined, it is pushed half way into the deck, when it emerges one of the selected cards is now impossibly impaled on the king's sword...and it's part of the actual printing on the card...this is impossible! If that wasn't enough, without any switches, the same card is pushed into the pack again and impossibly, the second selection is now impaled on the King's other sword...the cards just seem to materialize on the's crazy visual magic!

You leave the spectators holding an impossibly altered playing card with both their selections impaled on the King's swords! The impaled cards are part of the printed playing card...and it's totally examinable!

Don't be fooled by the simple nature of this effect, this is a mind blower for laymen!

  • Super easy to perform!
  • Includes specially gimmicked cards!
  • Super commercial routine!
  • Automatically reset for walk around magic!
  • Totally examinable!

Comes complete with 2 gimmicked cards and photo-illustrated instruction sheet.

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