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Tickling The Mind #1 Review

Official Review

October 5th, 2007 1:52am
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Maybe I'm getting burnt out. Or maybe it's just the material that's hitting the market.

I think I'll make a new category of effect: "Nice variations on classic themes."

That's what this is. Most of the material is strong, what I might call "commercial", but mostly uninspiring… with a few notable exceptions.

First, there's that creepy clown in the menus. I hate clowns and this one's particularly scary. But at least it's a departure from over-produced stuff coming out of L&L.

I love the "Phobia" routine for needle through balloon. It's nice to see so many people taking the same boring trick an doing something cool with it.

Beyond that, I wasn't particularly inspired by anything. A few of the items were hard to differentiate from other performers' work. The rest of it was "interesting". Not revolutionary, but good.

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Product info for Tickling The Mind #1

Author: Mel Mellers
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $39.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Are you short of new ideas and presentational concepts for your magic? Well, they're finally here, in the brand new "must have" DVD for all magicians.

Welcome to the Mel Mellers project, a mammoth 2 DVD set that takes you into the world of one of Europe's leading corporate cabaret magicians. With great magic and hilarious comedy, Mel presents 16 routines complete with presentational ploys and gags that you will use. There is simply no "filler" on these DVDs.

Contents Include:

  • Mass Hypnosis - Convince your audience that you can make them see what you want them to see in a brilliant routine using a standard prop that you probably already own.
  • 5 Minutes And One Balloon - A brilliant balloon bending routine that YOU WILL USE.
  • Birthday Revelation - Guess an audience member's birthday in this superb presentation that will cost pennies to make up!
  • Phobia - Mel's routine for the Needle Thru Balloon. Complete with all the gags and "bits of business" that make this routine play BIG!
  • Ropertainment - Mel's signature rope routine. Five minutes of great comedy and magic combined. You'll simply love this routine.
  • Business Cards Warm Up - A simply brilliant "super memory" test in which the magician proves that he has remembered all of the telephone numbers on nearly 1,000 business cards. GREAT MAGIC WITH SUPREB PLOT.
  • On A Roll - Mel's brilliant comedy bank note routine. Over five minutes long, with hilarious comedy and some great magic along the way.
  • Shirt Prediction - A superb comedy mind-reading plot that ends with the magician nearly losing his shirt...literally!

    Running Time Approximately 1hr 35min

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