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Red Carpet Review

Official Review

July 7th, 2007 2:33pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Red Carpet is a variant of Gene Castillion’s Noah’s Mix-Up with higher quality props and a theme that avoids the child-like association of the original presentation. It also adds a different flavor by allowing the performer to divine, instead of discover, the selected cards.

The materials you receive are nicely made and will last longer than the actors they feature will remain in the public’s eye. I found the color printing to be slightly off”it looks like Julia Roberts has jaundice”but during performance this won’t be noticed. Because the “secret mixing procedure” requires the correct spelling of names, you’re also provided with a nicely-printed cue sheet that you can flash to your volunteers to be sure they know how to spell Drew, Natalie, or whatever celebrity they selected.

The instructions for the trick are adequate, but the description of the set-up could definitely be improved. Its key to the trick, but confusingly described in two contradicting sentences. Simple enough to figure out, but those who buy this deserve better.

I found two puzzling aspects about this product. First, the description of the effect says the a female spectator mentally makes a selection while the male spectator silently makes his. (Emphasis in original.) I can’t explain what the difference is or why Black Rabbit Magic chose to distinguish these words so strongly. I suspect it just relates back to the sloppy instructions; they need to hire a good editor.

Secondly, why does Black Rabbit Magic include a picture of a scantily-clad woman with your purchase? Apparently, based solely on the packaging, this is some sort of “collector’s series.” Let’s hear it for pandering!

In conclusion, if you’re a working professional and feel that the premise of this trick would fit well in your act, you’ll probably be able to justify the high price in return for a quality product that “packs small and plays big.” The rest of you might better enjoy the Black Rabbit Magic Girl gallery.

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Product info for Red Carpet

Author: The Miracle Factory
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $50.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Celebrity Mindreading Routine with a powerful Magical Climax.


A female spectator mentally selects one of five male celebrities; a male volunteer silently chooses an actress they then mix their photos with a secret procedure so even they do not know where their selected photo is. You concentrate, then dramatically announce the two chosen celebrities!
Next, for a DOUBLE kicker climax, you snap your fingers and the selections magically switch places in the spectators' hands! The chosen actress has been transported to the actors stack, and the selected actor is now amidst the female headshots!

  • No duplicate cards!
  • No verbal "fishing" or anagrams!
  • No rough and smooth!
  • No extra gimmicks...just ten portraits!

Comes complete with 10 Jumbo cards and photo-illustrated instruction sheet.

Card Dimensions Approximately 9" x 6" (23cm x 15cm)

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