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Dominatricks (Book With CD) Review

Official Review

July 4th, 2007 10:07pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
If you visit My Lovely Assistant in order to read snarky reviews of half-baked products, then go find another review to read. You're not going to find that here; I absolutely loved this book. In an age when ugly, over-priced and just plain disappointing books dominate the marketplace, Dominatricks is truly a breath of fresh air.
The book contains a nice mix of both close-up and parlor material, and it's almost all straight-forward and performable. In terms of difficultly, I'd say the material generally falls into the intermediate range, and there are credits and references given so you can investigate alternative versions and see where Wilson has diverged. Most tricks also end with notes about variations and other ideas. It's clear that the items in this book are from Wilson's working repertoire and have some thinking and actual performance time behind them.
If you enjoyed Paul Harris' books, such as Close-Up Entertainer, you'll be equally fond of Dominatricks. It too offers off-beat ideas and an attitude that, except for the occasional sexism, is quite entertaining. From a production standpoint the publication is smartly designed and well executed by Andi Gladwin. If he continues to publish books with this caliber of material and evident care, I predict a very bright future for his publishing business.
One extra-nice touch is the CD-ROM that it is included with the book. It works with any computer, provides printable templates for a few of the tricks (in both A4 and US paper sizes), and has a PDF-version of the book for left-handed magicians. That's no joke. Not only are the descriptions changed and the photographs flipped, one trick that is only workable for right-handers has been replaced with a stunning color change by the late Jack Parker. Also on the CD are demonstrations of the card items from the book, some of which look so good I immediately re-visited some that I hadn't quite appreciated when I read them. This is the perfect union of hardcopy and digital technology, each media is used to its best advantage.
Overall, Dominatricks has a variety of clever material, it's well-executed and entertaining to read, and it's reasonably priced. It's a fine addition to your magic library.

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Product info for Dominatricks (Book With CD)

Author: Tyler Wilson
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Retail Price: $40.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Dominatricks drips with style. It's stacked with 150 pages of material that professional close-up magician Tyler Wilson uses night after night to transform deafening laughter into stunned silence. You can easily build a close-up / walk-around act on these routines and in fact, you probably will!

Published by Andi Gladwin and with a foreword by David Acer, the book is packed full of photographs and has a layout that dares to be different! Also included is a free bonus CD-ROM containing a performance video, bonus material and even a version of the book with the descriptions and photos adapted specifically for left handed magicians!

Nothing is left out of this book - you get the full handlings, presentations, jokes, theory and tips reaped from thousands of real world performances. Here are just a few of our favorite tricks from the book:

Scarred Warp
Perhaps the only Card Warp variant that Roy Walton has publicly praised. See what happens when Tyler asks the intriguing question, "What's happening inside the card tunnel while the folded card is passing through it?" His answer will shock you.

B52 Shooter
This is hands down the most visual Triumph routine ever created. Within minutes of learning, face up cards will start rapidly shooting out of the mish-mashed deck in a flurry of motion ... all with one hand!

Coke Inhabit
Coin In Bottle has never been so sweet. The bottle is given away with the coin still sealed inside as a keepsake. There's a big twist to this routine that we're keeping a surprise until you read the book, or get fooled badly seeing it done live by someone who did!

Stick it to the Man
If you love strong mentalism but don't have the receding hairline required to pull it off, this is a fresh new plot guaranteed to get just as many gasps as laughs!

Pages 153 - Hard Bound

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