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Intact Review

Official Review

May 19th, 2007 11:54am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
The dealer’s description of Intact is a fair depiction of how the trick appears to your audience, but like all magic ads, it’s not quite reflective of the reality that is experienced by the performer. I mention this not because its a particularly unique or insightful observation, but instead to remind the purchaser that how the trick plays is, or should be, a large measure of its perceived value. In other words, when you see how this works”mere seconds after opening the package”resist the urge to immediately dismiss the methodology.

One reason you can’t immediately give up on it is that you’ll have to do some work before beginning to practice. The gaff that’s provided is only a sample, you’ll have to make your own using a scanner or color photocopier. Let’s just say it needs to be personalized, so get out your crafting apron and get to work. As the instructions warn, some degree of experimentation is going to be necessary.

The Tic Tac Box you are provided has been altered, but in a way that only the very astute will notice. However, it’s also not sealed, in order to facilitate the removal of the card at the conclusion, which was noticed by one person for whom I performed this. Although the Intact packaging touts that “everything is examinable,” I’d resist the urge to put in this box into your spectators hands. Additionally, it should be noted, that you do not end clean, at least not with the handling you’re provided.

I see Intact as being a quick trick. It’s not well-enough made to allow for much more than a flash of the card inside the box, and the instructions are slim so you’ll have some work ahead of you, but if this seems like a trick you’d like to do, for the money, you probably won’t regret buying it. If you’re unsure, watch the demo video at Jesse’s website and see how it looks in the hands of its creator.

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Author: Jesse Feinberg
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Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A signed selection visually appears inside a Tic Tac box!

Have a regular playing card freely selected, signed and returned to a regular deck of cards by an obsever. Take a real Tic Tac box out of your pocket with your free hand. Only a couple of mints can be seen inside as you shake the box around. Give it another, more emphatic shake and a card visually appears inside the box. Immediately open the Tic Tac box, remove and unfold the playing card, and reveal the selected card!

Everything is examinable.

Bonus effects and handling are described in detail. InTact is perfect for close-up magicians at any skill level. It is very easy to learn and perform. No tricky moves, not setup, not card forces. It looks so good, you will even fool yourself!

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