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Psnype Review

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May 6th, 2007 10:59pm
Reviewed by Dan Mindo
There are so many things wrong with this DVD that I really don’t know where to begin. So let’s start at the beginning. The DVD opens with the typical street magic reactions that have become so common in magic videos today. You know the ones I’m talking about, where people look at the performer as if he just turned Paris Hilton into Mother Teresa! Unfortunately none of these is a complete routine. That’s right, this is a one trick DVD without a complete performance on it! Call me crazy but if I spend twenty-five bucks for a one trick DVD I expect to see a full performance of the trick!

From the slick street magic assault we move to a shot of the performer standing outside what appears to be a warehouse. After introducing himself he describes the method. I don’t want to tip the method but his choice of words to communicate the method made me laugh out loud. It was as if I was watching “This is Spinal Tap”! I don’t want to say that his communication skills are poor but I think Lassie would have done a better job of explaining this routine. He then demonstrates his effect using a method that is so simple you begin to wonder if anyone would be fooled by it. After viewing it twice I am still not sure. In fairness he does give a second method but that one is even more obvious. The video ends with more street magic reactions and the credits roll. Too bad he does not credit Si Stebbins or anyone else that has laid the groundwork for this routine.

Would it have killed him to script this video shoot? At one point he instructs the viewer to do something then changes his mind in mid-sentence and instructs the viewer to do the complete opposite! Huh? Whatever happened to take two? The magic of video is that you get to do it over! If this had been scripted and then edited by someone with basic editing skills it could have at least served as an okay beginners effect. It would still not be worth twenty-five bucks but at least it might be coherent.

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Author: Kevin Parker
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Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The spectator is given a deck of cards. Magician turns his back to him and tells him to cut the deck to any card he wants and peek at it. After spectator peeks at card, magician tells him the card he peeked at without asking any questions or touching the deck. It's as if he saw it while his back was turned. Uses no svengali, no assistance, no mirrors.

  • Deck can be examined before and after.
  • Back is turned to spectator immediately after handing him the deck and while he peeks at the card.
  • Very easy to do, instantly repeatable

Running Time Approximately 10 min

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