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Card College Series Set - Volumes 1 - 5 Review

April 27th, 2007 3:02pm
Reviewed by Brian Rasmussen
The Card College series of books are the books that I use most in my library. In my opinion, no better volumes can be found to compare with the clear inviting presentation, wonderful illustrations, and sheer depth of coverage that these books contain regarding close-up card magic. They are so nicely produced that you want to read them again and again. While beginners can start with volume 1, once you begin study you will most likely want the remaining volumes and it makes sense to buy the set as they flow so wonderfully together and build upon your foundation as you read and study each book. I would not start with any volume other than volume 1 if you were going to buy these books one at a time however, then you can build from there. There are effects you can learn right in the first few chapters that are easy to do, and later as you advance, you will learn harder techniques and effects which will require more practice. I also like that each effect is usually given a presentation so you can see how the author approaches patter for the given situation. I still encourage anybody to develop their own patter and presentation however and not just copy what is given. Much like other famous books before, i.e. Royal Road to Card Magic, the reader is lead chapter by chapter and lesson by lesson from basics like how to hold cards in the hand and the tools needed to study card magic to advanced techniques of the expert level, all the while teaching some really great card effects to illustrate the principles of each lesson. To me this is a modern version of many of the great card magic books of the past all rolled into a wonderful series. You will also find some chapters on theory, humor, and the principles that make magic work, that when studied will help you not only in card magic but other forms as well and maybe even in your personal or professional life. The last time I looked I think there are around 64 chapters total amongst the 5 books and you will be pleased with the amount of card sleights, moves, and material that is covered in these books. Most could say that this would be all anybody would need for a lifetime of study with the pasteboards. I feel Roberto Giobbi is extremely analytical in his approach to card magic, but he also treats it with the utmost of respect with a goal of elevating it to a true art. If you want to learn from the start how to do the same you cannot go wrong buying this series of books. Paraphrasing one of the lines of the first book...if you master all that is presented in these volumes you will be that much better than 90% of those that perform magic with cards. Highly recommended!

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Author: Roberto Giobbi
Publisher: Hermetic Press
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The entire 5 volume set - Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5!

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