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Holey Shirt Review

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April 19th, 2007 12:41pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
While the running time of the video is about 9 minutes, one third of that is title sequences and a single, very flat, performance/demonstration. That leaves about six minutes of explanation, a good portion of which is taken up describing the additional props and materials that you have to purchase in order to perform this trick.

Holey Shirt fails to credit the source of this standard trick, but I’ll tell you that for a very small increase in expense you can buy The Tarbell Course In Magic - Volume One instead. That’s where you’ll find this trick described more clearly, in greater detail, and with an actual presentational premise. Consider the rest of the 400 page book to be bonus material.
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Author: Joe Russell
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Manufacturer's Description:

The burnt and restored shirt is a classic show stopper that was wildly popular years ago. This simple effect has suddenly caught fire again, and now everyone wants to do it! Holey Shirt is a "real world" street effect with monster impact that can't be ignored!

You wander over to a total stranger, make some mild chit-chat, then gently persuade her to let you grab a bit of her shirt. You then take out a lighter to demonstrate an "interesting optical illusion" and visibly burn a smoldering ragged hole right into the cloth! You deal with the awkward situation for as long as your social skills allow. Then just before things get really ugly, you rub the burnt hole with your fingers to transform the shirt back to its original unburnt happy condition!

* Uses a classic method that is dirt simple to do.
* Perform totally surrounded - close up or on stage.
* Nothing to palm. Both hands are seen empty before and after.
* Re-sets in seconds.
* Works for any spectator wearing a black or white t-shirt.


Running Time Approximately 9min

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