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Tweaked Out Shells And Pea Routine Review

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February 26th, 2007 12:04am
Reviewed by David Acer
I'm not partial to three-shell routines wherein the spectators are chided, bullied, or brusquely commanded to follow your directions (cover this, pick up that, etc,). As such, "The Tweaked Out Shells & Pea" did not speak to me from a performance stand-point. On the other hand, from a mechanical stand-point, I totally hated it. First of all, in order to execute the "revolutionary new technique," you need to buy an unusual (though not hard to obtain) gimmick that doesn't come with the DVD. There is NO indication of this anywhere on the DVD cover, or in the adcopy I saw, although admittedly, there may be alternate versions of the ad I'm not aware of. Secondly, while this "revolutionary" (mechanically aided) technique does allow for an invisible and natural steal of the pea, it also puts the pea into a hold-out position where it can only be retrieved via some exceedingly cramped finger movements. In other words, you lose any advantage you may have gained from the steal with a clumsy, fishy reload. Would it be possible to defuse this by prepping for the reload on the off-beat? Absolutely. But that adjustment would further render this "revolutionary" technique inferior to its classic counterparts, since, in their case, the pea is stolen into a position where it can immediately be reloaded under another shell. Finally, the routine itself doesn't build, doesn't engage and doesn't inspire--it's just a series of transpositions from one overturned shell to another that ends when the magician says it's over.

If you're really interested in performing a three-shell routine, I suggest you skip this and buy Gary Ouellet's "Supershells," or Bob Sheets' "Absolutely Nuts," or Darwin Ortiz At The Card Table (which doesn't contain a shell routine but at least you won't have wasted your money).

David Acer
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Author: Big_A
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Finally someone has discovered something new and amazing that will change and revive the three shells & pea handling. Using your favorite shells and my secret, you will be able to amaze the most experienced shells & pea handler in town.

Big_A has just discovered a new shells & pea handling that is going to revolutionize the magic world!!! If you already do a shells & pea routine, you will be amazed of what you can do now using my secret. Easy to do, no need to reset and invisible to the rest of the world, my secret system will transform you into the best shells & pea handler around in less than one hour. My amazing secret technique makes the pea disappear and re-appear under another shell without pushing the shells!!! Have the spectators do the trick themselves and you still end up with the pea. Using my secret, the shells & pea routine becomes magic for real!!!

Running Time Approximately 30min

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