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Illusion Works Volumes 1 & 2 Review

Official Review

February 14th, 2007 3:38pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
Interested in building your own stage illusions?

Where do you start?

I say you start with “Illusion Works” Volumes 1-4.

In this four volume series (two DVD set) Rand Woodbury walks you through the basics of building stage illusions and he shares some the secrets of top illusion builders.

From the get go Rand is a helpful guide into the world of building stage illusions. His instructions are clear and easy to follow. He starts you on the path with an introduction to illusions and he generously offers some points of reference that include Paul Osborne, Jim Steinmeyer and Guy Jarrett. Rand teaches you which tools and materials are best to work with and he also shares construction and finishing tips.

This set was originally released on VHS and is a little dated. The sound is okay and the production seems fairly low budget. At times the pacing is a little slow, but the information offered on “Illusion Works” is important. So don’t let the low-tech vibe on these DVDs fool you.

I am not sure you will get all you need to know about illusions from this DVD series, but they are a great place to start. I think the DVDs would serve you better as a companion to Rand’s wonderful “Illusion Works” books.

Armed with these DVDs and Rand’s books you will be building illusions in no time.
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Author: Rand Woodbury
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Manufacturer's Description:

Step into Rand Woodbury's workshop where he teaches you the secrets of performing, designing and building your own illusions.

Four volume series has been collected as a 2 DVD set (each available separately) should be considered an education into the many principles of illusion design.

Volume 1

  • Steps & Bases

Volume 2

  • Special Secrets

Running Time Approximately 1hr 36min

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