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Labelled Review

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February 6th, 2007 10:39pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Labelled (sic) is taught on a DVD approximately 40 minutes long, with the majority of that time spent on how to construct the bottle. Apparently a portion of the video was sold as a downloadable file at the publisher's website before being released on DVD. But if you buy that version, you won't get everything you need.

The DVD includes a new short "extra tips" section that has some crucial time-saving information (apparently contributed by an early adopter) that, frankly, should have triggered the re-filming of the instructions in order to incorporate it. This would have not only made the product better, it would save every viewer at least 10 minutes of watching the originator struggle during the construction sequences.

There is other evidence that the video wasn't too carefully thought out in advance. We're treated to phrases like "as I said earlier" and other references to segments that apparently didn't survive the editing process. Additionally, the lengthy bottle construction instructions are unnecessarily repeated twice, both times with the awkward steps that could be eliminated by utilizing the "extra tip" information. There are differences in Williams' commentary, unfortunately, so you'll have to attentively watch both versions in order to glean all of the information you need. A single segment, thoughtfully scripted to ensure completeness, would have been more considerate of the customer.

I have two additional observations. First, the DVD opens with a warning that copying the disc will infect your computer with a "virus." (The name it gives is actually that of a trojan horse, if you want to get technical.) The disc that I received from the US distributor appears to be clean, and I suspect that the warning is just a threat to intimidate the less technically-inclined, but take heed. Of course, you may question the business sense of a company that would use such an approach, be it real or imagined. It's a shame that the effort put into this wasn't directed towards addressing the rough portions of the product.

Finally, this is certainly not a trick for minors, the clumsy, or those who would like to keep their fingers intact. The process given for preparing the bottle is, quite simply, an accident waiting to happen. Williams urges the viewer several times to be very careful. So do I.

I haven't said very much about the trick itself, have I? Well, the demonstration video at the publisher's website, which is also the sole performance included on the DVD, tells the whole story. I urge you to watch and judge the effectiveness of the trick for yourself. The demo is an accurate depiction, which I applaud, except for that part about the spectator being able to drink from the bottle. After all the prep work the bottle endures, that's a stomach-turning thought.

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Author: Ben Williams
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Manufacturer's Description:

Labelled takes visual street magic to the next level!

Imagine being able to show an unopened and sealed soda bottle. You sign the label then visually, with an open hand, push it INSIDE the bottle!.
Sound good? How about if the bottle REALLY is unopened and can be left with the spectator as an impossible souvenir?
Ben Williams has taken a stunning magic effect and turned it into a visual street magic masterpiece for the working magician.

Labelled does not have to stop at your signature. You can write whatever you like on the label, your contact details, website or even a prediction! It's limited only by your imagination!

Is labelled easy to do?
Yes! Performing Labelled is SUPER SIMPLE! If you can hold a bottle, you can do this effect!
Ben has slowly perfected the design of this effect through constant development and real world performance to strip out all the moves and sleights, allowing you to focus on your presentation and enjoy watching your audiences jaws hitting the floor!

Is this a special bottle that I would need to get back from the spectator after the effect?
NO! That's what makes Labelled so powerful! When you visually push the signed label through the soda bottle, right before the spectators eyes, it's a very strong piece of magic! The audience will REALLY want to examine the bottle and they CAN, In fact you can leave it with them as an amazing and impossible souvenir!

I'm a working magician, is this going to be practical in real world conditions?
YES! Once you learn the set up you can get this ready to perform in approx 15 minutes. The instructional video takes you through the whole process in detail in real time. This can be done pre-show, so when your out and about your ready to go! Alternatively you can reuse the bottle for an instant reset!

Visually stunning
Angle proof
Resets easily
Street magic at its best

Includes BONUS 'Junior Labelled' the super quick set up version!

Running Time Approximately 31 min

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