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Klose-Up And Unpublished DVD Review

Official Review

February 6th, 2007 12:14pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
"Klose-up and Unpublished" is a re-release of a 1999 video tape in DVD format. The tape begins with an apparent apology from Knepper regarding the quality of the video, but justified with the tired aphorism that what you're paying for is the information the video provides, not its production values. The mea culpa is necessary because the quality is serviceable but substandard for its era.

Of the six effects that Knepper performs and explains, lecture-style, my favorite is the torn-and-restored card. There are two methods given, and while you end up dirty in both versions, they're quite visually interesting. These effects, despite the shortcomings of the production, really shine in video format. I'm pretty confident that if you read the descriptions in print you'd disregard how practical and nice they appear in the hands of a practiced performer.

Which brings me to the next pleasant surprise. Knepper is sometimes criticized for publishing half-baked material. If that's an opinion that you hold, this video will be a breath of fresh air. It is clear that these tricks are "workers" for Knepper, and he provides several tips and nuances that are only discovered through many performances.

Students of Wonder Words will also find value. All of the presentations are case studies in this realm, and several times Knepper refers back to that series so you can review the principals he is employing.

The video also includes an intriguing trick where a signed quarter penetrates a clear animal-twisting balloon. I thought some of Knepper's handling undermined the effect, specifically the part where he pretends to shoot the quarter into the balloon with his mouth, but the end result does look quite convincing. The trickster-style magician will definitely enjoy playing with this one.

The video's running time is about 90 minutes, which might strike you as rather lengthy for so few tricks. It's because the last two routines are lengthy in both presentation and explanation. The first is a sponge ball routine that offers more confusion than magic, in my opinion, and suffers from the lack of a real ending.

The second long routine is a "twenty card tricks in 5 minutes" series that Knepper claims can induce the spectator to enter a trance-like state of wonder. For me, the routine was pointless. Apparently there is a fine line between trance and tedium.

Knepper explains both the sponge ball and the card routine, which takes more than fifteen minutes for each, but neither is taught in an efficient manner. If you want a showcase example of how video can sometimes make magic harder to learn, these two segments are it.

All in all, "Klose-up and Unpublished" is an average magic DVD. Magicians who enjoy Knepper's approach will like this product the best. Those who are looking for a one or two interesting, very visual, and proven routines that are suitable for table-hopping will also be satisfied. Beginners, who are not indulged during the explanations, and those who do not gladly suffer mediocre quality in production or instruction, will be happier with a different product.

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Author: Kenton Knepper
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You may be amazed at how astonishingly easy most of this material is to do. When Kenton revealed his secret in his lectures, magicians nearly fell to the floor. They couldn't imagine what they had seen was so simple.

This is the very same special material the Kenton has used to make a living doing close-up. This DVD comes with five routines that vary from coin tricks, mentalism, sponges, and cards. Kenton will show you how to preform these tricks like he does...






Running Time Approximately 175min

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