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Gut Buster Review

Official Review

January 31st, 2007 6:15pm
Reviewed by David Parr
In “Gut Buster,” the performer apparently thrusts a hand completely through an assistant’s midsection. The magician’s hand is seen emerging from the area of the assistant’s stomach, but the assistant is unharmed.

This effect can be described as being of the “magic as stunt” type currently popular on television and the Internet. These effects are usually brief, with an emphasis on creating a moment of shock. The aim is to elicit startled reactions. Like many effects of this type, “Gut Buster” is startling -- for a moment. A few seconds after the initial shock, the mind of the viewer is likely to start connecting the dots to arrive at a plausible explanation. And in this case, the explanation will probably be correct.

The kit includes a half-hour instructional DVD and enough materials to make a customized gaff. Is it worth $75? I suppose that depends on one’s goal. If the goal of the performer is to generate a few seconds of shock, then “Gut Buster” might fit the bill. But if the goal of the performer is to create a lingering sense of mystery, then this is probably not the best way to achieve it.
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Product info for Gut Buster

Author: Andrew Mayne
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $75.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Andrew Mayne in collaboration with Paul Harris presents a stunning new illusion that can be performed up close, on the street or on stage.


You step behind your assistant and then proceed to shove your hand straight through their body!

The audience watches in awe as your real hand visibly breaks through their skin and emerges from the middle of your assistant's stomach.

You extract your hand from the open wound. A moment later your helper lifts their shirt to show that their stomach is completely healed.

  • Gut Buster can be performed completely surrounded!
  • Gut Buster can be performed anywhere, anytime with less than two-minutes preparation!
  • A volunteer can shove their hand through the magician's body!
Gut Buster includes the complete apparatus and instructional DVD. Nothing else to buy.


Gut Buster Unplugged
- The impromptu ungimmicked version!
Gut Buster Solo - Perform Gut Buster on yourself!
Stranger Gut Buster - Gut Buster with a random stranger!

The Gut Buster gimmick is designed to work with people with a medium to thin build. Performers who fall outside this range can use Gut Buster on an assistant or perform Gut Buster Unplugged on a random volunteer.

Shot in High-Definition video!
Presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen.

Running Time Approximately 32min

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