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Presto Printo Review

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January 31st, 2007 6:11pm
Reviewed by David Parr
“Presto Printo” is a packet effect that has much in common with Peter Kane’s “Wild Card” and Dominique Duvivier’s “Printing.” The performer deals a small packet of double-blank playing cards onto the table. One at a time, the cards are magically “printed” with the image of the ten of spades. During the demonstration, the magician deliberately “misprints” several of the cards, which results in odd, distorted images. In the end, everything can be examined; there’s nothing to hide.

The basic routine is straightforward and well within the capability of beginners. The only move necessary is a simple false display to show the cards blank on both sides. After that, the routine is sleight-free.

Special cards, printed on Bicycle poker-size stock, are included in the package. Instruction sheets provide a clear explanation of the set-up and performance. For those who prefer learning by observing, also included is a 25-minute DVD tutorial, during which Daryl performs and explains the effect. He even teaches a few alternative handlings that utilize more-advanced false counts and displays.

This is a nifty and well-produced little item. The effect is fun to watch, and I’m sure the distorted playing cards are fascinating to laypeople. One caveat: This is not an effect to perform for audiences that are grabby-handed and out of control. With some audience management and a playful presentation, “Presto Printo” could be a memorable change of pace from “pick a card” card magic.
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Author: Daryl
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Manufacturer's Description:

In card magic, this is best of all worlds. The effect is visually stunning, the routine is very easy to do and you finish clean and everything can be examined!
A small packet of cards is cleanly shown to be blank on both sides. A spectator then selects a card from an ordinary deck and, one at a time, the blank cards 'absorb the ink' from the selected card. However, you 'influence' the printing to create some very strange and bizarre results (see picture).

To bring you the very best quality magic, we have had these special Presto Printo cards printed exclusively for us by the United States Playing Card Company on red, Bicycle Rider back cards. This also means it is easy to obtain extra blank cards and customize your set, making it both personal and a superb marketing tool for trade show workers. Fast reset.

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