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Ultimate Coin Purse Review

Official Review

January 29th, 2007 10:51am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Here's what you get when you buy Rodger Lovins' "Ultimate Coin Purse." You receive a leather spring-mouth two-pocket coin purse, about three inches square in size, that has a handmade, removable gimmick inserted inside the purse. You also receive two medium-sized chop cup balls, and a small 13 page booklet. There are five grainy, but serviceable, photographs in the booklet.

This item is largely being billed as a utility device, and that's with good reason. The booklet provides only one routine, ala the chop cup, that uses the provided materials. All the other routines require a trip to either the hardware store (Unbolted Nut) or the magic shop, for a few standard coin gaffs (Scotch & Can of Soda, and Halves or Quarters). The other routine, $100 Quarter Challenge, requires a handful of change from your pocket.

Just as the dealer description does not really describe these effects, I'm not going to either. They are not only pedestrian, they're so bare-bones that my description here would almost certainly be longer than Lovins' write-up of the effects and methods, combined.

In other words, this is not a product for beginners or those who want a routine they can immediately use. The purse's construction is of average quality, so I don't think you'll be disappointed in that regard. It will be up to you to put it good use.

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Author: Rodger Lovins
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Ultimate Coin Purse is a utility device designed with the magical performer in mind. It has several uses and is a very versatile prop. The uses for the Ultimate Coin Purse are endless! It is a switching device, change purse, and chop purse all rolled into one! I am confident you will find many uses for the Ultimate Coin Purse.

Comes complete with leather purse, two crochet balls, illustrated instructions with performance tips and 5 great routines to get you started.

Routines included are:


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