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Dan Tong: FINALLY! - 50 Years Of Magic Volume 2 Review

Official Review

January 4th, 2007 3:08pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
Who is Dan Tong? And why haven’t you purchased these DVDs?

Oh, you were waiting for a review…I see.

“Finally!” Volume I and II are Dan Tong’s gift to the magic community. On this two volume set you will learn real world magic for real world situations.

“Finally!” Volume I contains a great Sponge Ball routine and a very surprising Ring on Stick/ Ring Flight routine. Other classics on this volume include Dan’s handling for Card to Wallet, Matrix, and the Benson Bowl routine.

On Finally! Volume II Dan shares his work on the Malini Egg Bag, Chop Cup, a wonderful version of Card on the Ribbon, Thompson’s Aces, and a very deceptive Cut and Restored Rope routine.

Dan’s magic is very practical. His routines have been audience tested over the last 50 years! I added his Cut and Restored Rope routine to my kid’s show repertoire as soon as I mastered the handling.

My only gripes are that Dan’s performances on these volumes only hint at Dan’s devilish sense of humor. The performances utilize lay people, but these people seem to know that they were being taped and their responses aren’t as organic as they might be under a different situation. My second gripe is that Dan relies on some pretty stale one-liners throughout his work. These one-liners are unnecessary as Dan Tong is a genuinely friendly and likable character with a quick wit.

Nit picking aside, “Finally!” Volumes I and II are full of some very practical magic that I guarantee will find its way into your act.

Who is Dan Tong? Buy the DVDs and find out. You will be glad you did.
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Product info for Dan Tong: FINALLY! - 50 Years Of Magic Volume 2

Author: Dan Tong
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Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Does the world need another video?... Well it 'does' need a video from this man. Danny Tong is a man who has done it all. Anytime a pro like Danny Tong wants to tip some prize information, I am ready to receive it. I was so glad to hear that we are able to have some pearls of wisdom from one of my favorite entertainers.
I treasure the times that I have spent with him and can't wait to have him on my television anytime I want."
- Doc Eason

"The Egg Bag routine is alone worth the price of the DVD. The other items are a great bonus."
-Tom Craven


Malini Egg Bag: This 3 phase routine with spectator ends with the production of a glass liquid. Joe Lefler said, "This routine has to be seen to be believed".

Chop Cup: A short, fast rountine with this prop that does not promote a gambling theme.

Card on the Ribbon: A slight change in the presentation of this great Jack Chanin trick creates a second effect and leaves you clean.

Thompson's Aces: As an opener for a card routine, this in the hands, ace production would be hard to beat. From a shuffled deck, you will produce the four aces, one at a time, while cutting the cards. Combine this production sequence with "Christopher's Red and Black Aces" (Daley's Last Trick) and you will have an easy to follow routine that does not require the spectator to take a card.

Ropes: A rope routine that runs the gamut from C & R rope to Professor's Nightmare to a 3 to 1 restoration. A complete act on it's own.

Jack: A minor change in this old trick adds another laugh and extends the climax.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 18min

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