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Jim Cellini: Street Magic Lecture - Zurich 2005 Review

Official Review

December 2nd, 2006 11:24am
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
Cellini's Street Magic Lecture is just that. A DVD of one of his lectures presented in Zurich 2005. In this lecture Cellini passes on much of the information that he shared in his previous DVDs on street magic. If you do not own Cellini's previous DVDs, this DVD is a perfect place to start. The production values are fairly low tech and the lecture atmosphere does not allow Cellini to shine as he might in a real world street magic scenario, but if you are looking for an introduction to the ins and outs of performing street magic you can't go wrong with this DVD.
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Product info for Jim Cellini: Street Magic Lecture - Zurich 2005

Author: Jim Cellini
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Retail Price: $53.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Learn from the King of Streetmagic!


  • Hank Routine
  • Coin Routine
  • Cigarette Routine
  • Rope Routine
  • Cups & Balls Routine
  • Color, Sound & Movement
  • The Pitch
  • Costumes
  • The Pouches
  • The Rope
  • The Table
  • How to Get a Crowd?
  • Working in Restaurants
  • Inside the Costume & Topit
  • The Hats
  • Keep It Simple - The Gypsy
  • Passing the Hat
  • Slydinis Thumb Tip
  • Coin Magic
  • Vanishing Coins
  • Cigarette Magic
  • Cigarette Eating
  • Doing the Cups & Balls
  • How to Get a Crowd? (2)
  • The Loop Ball
  • The Salt Pour
  • Discussing Magic
  • Cellini's Ring Routine
Audio: English

Subtitles: English/German

Running Time Approximately 1hr 31min

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