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Marketing Your Magic In The Real World Video (VHS) Review

December 18th, 2002 10:50am
Reviewed by Christian
As magic becomes more popular and especially in the last few years there has been a trend to churn out books, audio media, and videos on the business side of magic. This is great for the magicians that would like to earn a few bucks with their skills; however, the market is a double sided sword. Some of the products are junk and some simply will not relate to the field that the would be professional magician is trying to break into.

With that all being said lets talk about this video. It is a well made and high quality tape. It is a solid entry level marketing video for magicians. It is mostly geared for magicians attempting to break into the corporate market but there is useful information for all performing genres. This is because Scott Davis kept it pretty simple.

Scott Davis talks about the importance of using high quality. He gives ideas on press releases and flyers that you would send out to potential clients. He talks about business cards but only very briefly. I think you could do an entire tape on business cards. It is one of the weaker points of the tape. He goes on to give various ideas on promotion, materials, and the idea of letting a professional design your materials. He also gives ideas on how this can be done much more cheaply than you might expect.

There is some solid entry level advice and ideas given on this tape. I fear that the main problem with the tape is that too much material is covered for the time given so that sometimes is lacks the depth that should be given to a particular subject.

If you are just starting out and have no idea on marketing or putting together your promotional material it is worth a look. I give it 3 stars.


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Author: Davis, Scott
Publisher: Tool Shed Productions
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Retail Price: $39.95
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Beginners and pros alike will benefit from the outstanding and easy-to-learn marketing methods that professional performer and advertising agency executive Scott Davis outlines in this video. From business cards to earned media, Scott lets you in on the secrets of advertising and marketing professionals. You'll learn now to vastly improve the quality and quantity of your bookings, target markets effectively to book only the shows you want, attract free publicity courtesy of your local media, print professional-looking marketing brochures on a shoestring budget.

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