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Eccentricks 3 Review

Official Review

October 23rd, 2006 11:37pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
Charlie Frye is a funny guy.

Charlie Frye is also an evil genius.

On the surface Eccentricks 3 consists of nine routines for the up and coming funny person. These routines are seasoned with bits and gags that will make you moan and groan. (And will have you using everyone!)

Hidden just beneath all of the shtick you will find nine very well thought out routines.

My favorites of Charlie’s routines were Eccentrick Card Manipulation, Struggling Juggling and Psycho. There is also wonderful Jongleur’s Monte and a bit with a penny and a wire coat hanger. (Insert Joan Crawford joke here.)

All of the routines presented on Eccentricks 3 have a distinct beginning, middle and an end. Each piece is a lesson in how to routine your magic. Did I mention that Charlie Frye has some serious chops? Hokey smokes! The physical actions of his routines flow seamlessly one into the next. His sleights are flawless and his thinking is serious. His genius lies in how he wraps his devious magical thinking in presentations that are wonderfully ridiculous!

At first glance the Eccentricks DVD series may seem a little too silly for your liking. I assure you that the magic presented on these DVDS is excellent and the routines are well thought out. They are worth your consideration.
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Product info for Eccentricks 3

Author: Charlie Frye
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Manufacturer's Description:

Once again, you are cordially invited to join Charlie Frye for another amazing journey into the eccentric world of the professional funnyman.

On this installment, the time-honored art of CARD MANIPULATION gets the ECCENTRICK treatment, with a challenging yet practical approach to this sleight of hand favorite.

Also included are novel routines with the BALL VASE, and RING & ROPE, which continue the ECCENTRICK tradition of combining humor with highly visual entertainment.

You'll also find a wide range of showy moves, impressive stunts, and professional JUGGLING GAGS that are both fun to watch and fun to do. Even the THREE CARD MONTE gets a novel variation in a routine that seamlessly combines both juggling and magic.

Besides material for stage and parlor, there's a flourishy version of MACDONALD'S ACES which contains a psychological twist and several eye-popping moves for close-up work.

For all those who enjoy blending novelty with mystery, and the sublime with the absurd, ECCENTRICKS THREE is the trick artist's ace in the hole.

Running Time Approximately 73min

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