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Shell Game DVD Volume 1 Review

Official Review

October 23rd, 2006 11:37pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy
The School for Scoundrels has created the perfect introduction to the Shell Game.

Bob Sheets and Whit Haydn are your hosts. Together they walk you through the basics of this time honored con. Whit Haydn goes into great detail as he explains the materials needed to work this scam and offers several different sources for acquiring the proper “outfit”. Bob Sheets demonstrates and explains a very deceptive and easy to perform beginner’s routine. And both gentlemen demonstrate the basic and more advanced “master moves” that will insure you stay ahead of your audience. The routines (both for beginners and advanced) are well thought and expertly presented. The explanations are clear and easy to follow. Sheets and Haydn do a wonderful job taking us under their wing as they share the real work on the Shell Game. There is a PDF of further information pertaining to the Shell Game for those of you viewing this DVD on your computer.

This DVD is well produced, expertly presented and fairly priced. In my opinion this is ESSENTIAL viewing for those who are serious about learning this classic.
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Author: Bob Sheets And Whit Haydn
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Manufacturer's Description:

In November of 2004, Bob Sheets, Whit Haydn, and Chef Anton combined their original methods for the ancient swindle, the Shell Game, and taught this new system to the School for Scoundrels class at The Magic Castle.

This is far more than an introduction to a whole new way of looking at the shell game, and a new system for performing the game that is rock solid, unassailable, and easy to learn.

In this, the first installment of a series of DVD's on the shell game, the beginning student is taught an entertaining beginning routine with patter, the basic moves and approaches to the game that make up the system, and given everything necessary to move from a complete beginner to an intermediary proficiency in the shell game.

These lessons are not just a rehash of what has been published before, but new moves, ruses, and strategies that will change the way the game is played far into the future.

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