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The Real Secrets of Magic, Volume 1 Review

Official Review

October 1st, 2006 5:16pm
Reviewed by P.T. Murphy

On The Real Secrets of Magic Volume 1 David Stone offers REAL secrets for the REAL world performer and the aspiring professional.

From the introductory titles to the sound and lighting this DVD is modern, smart and well produced. David Stone and Jean-Luc Bertrand present the material as if we magicians were intelligent fun loving folk. What a concept!

We follow David Stone as he performs for real people under conditions that we magi find ourselves in most, the Strolling Magic and Table Hopping scenarios. David performs and explains twenty practical routines for the professional magician. These routines are specially crafted to fit the conditions mentioned above. The magic presented is visual and practical. Most of it fits easily in your pockets and most importantly these effects play big! My favorite piece is “Hermes”, a simple and visually stunning rose production that will AMAZE your audience.

The explanations on this DVD are done without d ialogue. At first I was a bit shocked at the idea, but was pleasantly surprised when I saw the ultra cool environment Jean-Luc Bertrand created for these segments.

Speaking of ultra cool, when was the last time you saw a magic video that had special effects? I am talking REAL special effect such as the magi taking aim at an unruly audience member and shooting them full of lead or a table full of spectators bursting into flames! Jean-Luc has pulled out all of the stops. Finally we see a magic DVD that is directed by a person with an appreciation for film.

Side Note: This DVD was shot in TWO versions one in French and one in English. We are not talking one version with subtitles or over-dubs. We are talking two totally separate versions. To me this shows David Stone’s dedication to getting this information out the right way.

In the Extras section David and Jean-Luc share their ideas behind the creation of this DVD. We get to see them working o ut the special effects segments, we get to see just how they created the all white room that is used in the Explanations segment and we hear about the process of making this DVD. I think this section alone is worth the price of the DVD. The imagination, creativity and passion they share for their craft is contagious.

It is nice to finally own a magic DVD that presents the entertainer in an entertaining fashion. So often we read the hype on a DVD case, plunk the DVD into the player and wonder if the performer on the DVD has ever performed magic for real people! David Stone is a genuinely exuberant performer who communicates his ideas on magic with passion and clarity. Jean-Luc Bertrand is a director who trusts in the talent of his actors and allows them the freedom to have fun on screen.

The Real Secrets of Magic Vol. 1 is essential viewing for anybody considering a career in magic!
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Product info for The Real Secrets of Magic, Volume 1

Author: David Stone
Publisher: Jean-Luc Bertrand
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $48.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Table hopping magic or restaurant magic have nothing to do with the kind of close up magic you might perform for your friends: the professional magician has to entertain people who are not expecting him. He has to use simple and commercial tricks in difficult conditions: lack of lighting, lack of space, lots of noise....

Besides trciks, David Stone gives you lots of tips and profeesional advicefor starting your career as a professional magician.

Produced and directed by Jean-Luc Bertrand (No Smoking, Mathieu Bich) the DVD offers a new way of learning. He has founsd a funny mix between non-stop entertaing while teaching great magic.

19 routines included.

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