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Autobend Silverware Review

Official Review

September 7th, 2006 9:05pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Boy, I wish I had known about Autobend Silverware back in the mid-1980s when "spoon bending" was all the rage and I was using other techniques to perform this effect. Back then, this method was still being kept quiet and it's easy to see why. You'll fool yourself when you practice this in front of a mirror; it looks that good.

The packaging and manuscript certainly aren't polished, but if you're generally familiar with this genre of magic you'll get a lot of information from the nine photocopied pages that accompany the trick. I don't think it's suitable for beginners, but experienced magicians will have no trouble mining the mix of history, tips, and handling that Knight provides. Although you might want to reconsider the part where he says that bending silverware is a good way to pick up girls--just write your phone number on the bowl of the spoon.

There' a homemade CD-ROM included too, it holds a short Windows Media video that demonstrates part of the handling. Typical of the format, the image is blurry and the sound breaks up during playback, but it's worth watching if your computer is capable of playing it. (Sorry, Linux users.)

Performing Autobend Silverware close-up is possible, that's how Knight and Mann used it with great success, but it requires careful handling and audience management. It's probably easier to perform as a stand-up piece, and its strong visual nature makes it well suited for doing so. Again, Knight provides the basic information you need but it's up to you to make this piece your own and find all the right nuances.

The gimmick works well and not only do you get the pieces necessary to repair it, you'll learn where to buy more supplies a minimal price. The review package included a gimmicked spoon, but the manuscript says that some packages include a fork instead. If it matters to you, be sure to ask your magic dealer which they are able to supply.

I'm giving this 4 stars. The materials could be improved, but the price is reasonable and the effect is worth the effort that you'll need to invest.

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Product info for Autobend Silverware

Author: Devin Knight and Al Mann
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Retail Price: $29.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Al Mann & Devin Knight were some of the early originators of self bending spoon techniques. This is the REAL work on self-bending spoons developed jointly by Al Mann and Devin Knight during the mid 80s.

You get the exact method used by Devin in newspaper office thru out the years to garner front page publicity. Show two spoons, one in each hand. The spectator is given a choice of either the stem or bowl of one of the spoons. Which ever he chooses (no force) that part of the spoon bends forward in a slow spooky manner.

Now the spoon in the other hand starts to visibly bend and is dropped into the spectator's hand WHILE STILL BENDING for complete examination without any switch.

The second spoon then becomes rubbery and flops around like loose rubber. Suddenly the rubbery spoons breaks in half and falls into the person's hand for examination.

Only two spoons used and there is NO SWITCH of any kind in the above routine. Both spoons can be immediately examined.

This manuscript is full of early Mann/Knight metal bending history and contains techniques only previously revealed in a now out of print joint Mann/Knight publication. This routine and handling has been highly acclaimed by those who have read it. It continues to be one of Knight's best selling releases.

Almost self-working with no skill needed. Complete with special spoons and detailed photographic directions showing you all the handlings.

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