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Disposable Deck Review

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September 7th, 2006 9:04pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
This will be a rather short review because there isn't too much to explain about The Disposable Deck. The only information you really need before purchasing it is whether or not it fits into your act. You won't find that answer here.

If The Disposable Deck does seem like a bit of business you want to perform, then I think you'll be pleased with the package. You get 100 well-made deck fekes and a 10 page booklet describing their use.

The fekes are precut and even have pre-applied adhesive so you can assemble one without having to find tape or glue. Just fold, lick, and you're ready to go. They look good too, I inadvertently fooled myself with one when, a few days after first looking at this effect, I picked up a Disposable Deck left lying on my desk in order to practice my Second Deal. Oops.

The illustrated and well-produced booklet covers how Regal uses the decks and offers practical advice on ringing in the feke and other handling tips. Basically, if you can overcome Magician's Guilt, you're home free.

At about 5 cents each I think that The Disposable Deck is a reasonable value for the money. I'm giving it 5 stars, not because I think it's a particularly good trick, but because I can't think of any way in which it could be improved. To paraphrase Popeye the Sailor, "it is what is, and that's all that it is."
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Author: David Regal
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Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

A highlight of David's new Magic Castle act. At the end of a series of card tricks, the magician takes the deck, holds it in one hand, and slowly crushes it into a little ball.

You receive 100 Disposable Decks along with an instruction booklet showing you many ways in which they can be used for any skill level - beginner to expert.

A custom made, specially designed product that is guaranteed to shock your audiences!

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