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Weapons of the Card Shark Review

Official Review

August 25th, 2006 11:10pm
Reviewed by Dawn Koster
Growing up in the rural Midwest, I played a lot of card games with my two brothers and older sister and I must say that I learned about card cheats at a very tender age because my sister, who was only about nine or ten years old at the time, was one of the best. I can’t tell you how much of my Easter basket goodies were lost to her sneaky and conniving game play. So when the horn was sounded to review the DVD Weapons of the Card Shark with Jeff Wessmiller, I volunteered enthusiastically. “At last!” I thought. “I can finally learn how she got some of those moves past us!”

The DVD starts out with a stern warning about how cheating at cards is immoral and unhealthy. Just so you know. Then it moves on to what you really want to know, gunshot wounds and immortal soul be damned.

After watching the demonstrations and explanations, however, I have to say that I found Weapons of the Card Shark to be pretty disappointing. Most of the moves I knew already from watching my sister, so I didn’t learn much. (Although now I know the names of those moves!) And the other stuff that I didn’t know seemed, well, awkward. Who holds their hands like that when they are playing cards? Nobody I know. Unless they are cheating! And I’m pretty certain that’s not the thought you want the other players to have.

There are, however, some things to be learned here by not following the example of the instructor. Some gestures and movements when cheating at cards will arouse immediate and certain suspicion:

  1. Looking intently at the face of the cards while you’re shuffling and stacking.

  2. Craning your neck at odd angles while you’re shuffling or dealing.

  3. Not keeping your hands on the table at all times. (If you’re ditching something, then you better make sure it doesn’t look like you’re ditching something!)

  4. Cutting the deck in a strange fluttery manner, or coughing or turning suddenly in the middle of a deal.

Young Mr. Wessmiller seems like an engaging and intelligent fellow. His instructions are clear and easy to follow. But if he can’t fool a childhood Crazy Eights enthusiast, I don’t think he’d do well with real Poker players. I suppose if you’ve never played cards in your life, and your friends and loved ones have never played cards in their lives, this video might work for you. But if you want something you could really use for card cheat “ I mean, magic “ then I would look elsewhere.

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Author: Jeff Wessmiller
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Manufacturer's Description:

Learn how to take a clean fully shuffled deck, and deal yourself the winning hand. No marks, No trick decks. Deck is handed to you completely random. No joke!

Ever wonder how cheats really do their thing? Think it’s about marked cards or gimmicks? Think again. This video is the first of it’s kind to truly expose underground cheating techniques in action today. Several of the moves on this video have NEVER been seen before anywhere! Not to mention this video is full of brand new material invented by Jeff Wessmiller himself.

Includes live game footage of the cheat in action


over 90 minutes all on one DVD!

False Shuffles: Blind Overhand Shuffle, Controlling Top Card, Controlling Bottom Card, Blind Over-Under Shuffle, Over-Under Combo, Top Card Riffle Control, Top Stock Short Shuffle, Push-Through Shuffle, Zarrow Shuffle, Spider Shuffle.

False Cuts: Scrape Cut, False Strip,Slip Cut, Jigsaw Cut, Up-the-ladder.

Stacking: Lay Stack, Overhand Stack, J.W. Stack,Riffle Stacking, Cold Stacking, Double Duke.

Hopping the Deck: Cellar Keep, Classic Pass Tap Pass, Thumb-lick Pass, Wess Pass, Table Pass 1, Table Pass 2.

Glimpses: Bubble Peek,Heel Glimpse, Gamblers Glimpse, Shiner Glimpse.

False Dealing: Bottom Deal, Stud Bottom Deal,Flop Bottom Deal, Cigar Bottom Deal, Second Deal, Push Off Second Deal.

Mucking: Chopping Cards Out, Top Palm Chopping, Gamblers Palm Chopping, Clip Palm Chopping, Two Handed Muck, One Handed Muck, Peel Muck, Palm In, Palm Out Muck.

Deck Switches: Cold Deck Switch, Sting Cold Deck Switch, Bold and Cold Deck Switch.

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