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Calostro Mind Reading Act Review

December 15th, 2002 10:54am
Reviewed by Christian
This is a 31 page pamphlet that was originally published 1934. At the time they were considered highly valuable and the originals were all signed by the author. In 1945 the manuscript sold for $10, a sizable sum at that time.

The Calostro mind reading act is a type of second sight act that relies on coded information between two people, one acting as the sender and the other as the medium. It was a type of second sight act that was a question and answer type of act as opposed to calling out objects.

It is a sophisticated code. It is not simple and would take considerable time to learn. However, all second sight acts/codes are going to take considerable time. Although the outline of the act might be considered dated, the method deserves serious consideration if you are interested in a two person mental act.

My only complaint about the book would be it is tough to read/understand in parts. The overall concept is fantastic, but some of the more specific details are sometimes vague.

The author uses an advanced mnemonic system that is impressive. As you read the relatively small pamphlet you can see that considerable thought has been given to his routine. He also discuses the presentation and possible problems with an act of this type. This is a very good book. However, if you are not serious about a two person act, this book will be a waste of your money.


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Author: Read, Ralph
Publisher: Magic, Inc.
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A great two person act making it possible to do mental miracles before any audience under almost any conditions. This is a method of conveying information from one person to another with nothing that arouses suspicion. A most subtle and natural method using no writing, no equipment, no signs, no motions, no body positions, and no counting. Assistant need never look at the performer or ask any questions. This is a great method.

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