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Magic Reviews by Bryce Kuhlman

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Bryce Kuhlman is an odd experiment in the fusion of art and science. He discovered computers when floppy disks really were floppy and his 16K RAM expansion was the hottest thing on the block. The computer was a powerful magic box and magic boxes were part of his everyday life as a young magician. By the age of thirteen he was leading a magic troupe and performing weekly in towns across the Midwest. His performances won him many local and national awards and paid for two college degrees - not in theater but in software engineering and robotics. Those nights he wasn't performing, one would find him tucked away in a dark room hacking the code together for some new brainchild. He followed the natural progression after college and decided to try his luck in Corporate America. After a three-year stint designing satellites for Motorola, Bryce decided it was time to move on to more interesting projects. He currently runs a corporation that specializes in custom software and web design for entertainers and theatrical venues.
Magic Product Title Author / Creator List Price Date Rating
Stars and Hexes McClintock, Reed $29.00 Jan 24, '04
Silk and Bottle Rey Ben $29.95 Jan 24, '04
Fusion Fields, Sean $15.00 Jan 24, '04
Exit 51 Harris, Ben $19.95 Jan 24, '04
Cards of Cairo Hilford, Docc $20.00 Jan 24, '04
Body Morphin' Andrew Mayne $14.95 Jan 24, '04
Astrolingua Phantomas $14.95 Jan 24, '04
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