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Magic Reviews by Stephan Sloan

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An accidental walk into a small magic shop changed the course of Stephan's life. Prior to getting involved with magic and mentalism, Stephan was a veteran Boy Scout leader of 21 years serving multiple units in his community, flew planes and scuba dived. After watching his first live lecture which was given by mentalist Alain Nu he hung up his headphones and flippers and went head strong into the magic arena. Within three months of joining the local SAM (181 of Hightstown, NJ) he was voted president which he still remains which is now 10 years. Being conditioned by BSA to be organized and goal oriented he dramatically changed the club's program. Within a few years the SAM grew 10 fold and had at its peak 56 members with an average of 35 attendees per meeting. Although Stephan loves all forms of magic his main love is mentalism.
Magic Product Title Author / Creator List Price Date Rating
Instant T Red / 2019 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by The French Twins - Trick $39.95 Jul 7
Machinations by Ben Harris - Book $40.00 May 19
Dead Lock (US Version) Original by Michael Murray - Trick $52.40 May 18
Manivelle (Crank) Calbry, Sebastien $59.95 May 18
Printing Coins (Gimmick and DVD) Carax, Ariel $60.00 Jul 17
Sudouku Creasey, Scott $47.15 May 18
REFILL Lit (14 cards) Dan White and Dan Hauss $10.00 May 18
Dean's Beads (DVD and Props) Dill, Dean $35.00 May 18
Tequila Hustler Elsdon, Mark; Tuner, Peter; McLleod, Colin; Murray $30.00 May 18
Sweetch Gabbo $20.00 Jul 18
Chicken Thieves George Sands $19.95 May 18
Navigator by Reese Goodley - Book Goodley, reese $49.75 May 18
Shared Dreams Insua, Marcelo $49.00 Jul 17
Cipher Deck James Anthony $34.95 Aug 3
Tattoo Joe Joe Russell and Paul Harris $35.00 Jul 18
Cover the Spot Kendall, Ian; Wong, Alan $32.00 Jul 17
Ice Qube Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni $44.95 Jun 28
Cut 2.0 Pink, Ran $59.95 Aug 14
Rise (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Scott, Sean $99.95 Jul 17
Torque Stevenson, Chris $65.00 Jun 28
Diary of a Madman Stone, Jeff $15.00 Jun 30
Packet Wallet TCC $4.95 May 19
Clear Surprise Tenyo $29.95 Jun 28
Wrong Way Vernet $39.99 Jun 29
The Experiment Vinny Sagoo $19.95 Jul 18
Cold Case (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Wilson, Greg $39.95 Jun 29
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