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Magic Reviews by David Acer

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David Acer's eclectic talents as a magician, writer, actor and comedian have been featured on dozens of television shows, including A&E's Comedy on the Road, CBC's Just For Laughs, DISCOVERY's Grand Illusions, CTV's Comedy Now, and ABC's America's Funniest People, where he placed second behind a vomiting squirrel. He has appeared 10 times at the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, penned scripts for a variety of award-winning television shows (Popular Mechanics For Kids, Animal Crackers, etc.), written four best-selling magic books (Natural Selections I and II, The Close-Up Assassin and DeSouza's DeCeptions), and he is currently a writer and host of Discovery Kids' Gemini-Award nominated series, Mystery Hunters! For more information, go to
Magic Product Title Author / Creator List Price Date Rating
Early Vernon Vernon, Dai $8.00 Jan 27, '03
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