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Ice From Water

by Andrew Gerard

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The performer places a clear glass of water on the table. With sleeves rolled up and both hands shown empty, the performer reaches into the water and pulls out his hand in a closed fist, opens it, and ice appears... Again, the performer shows his hand empty, reaches into the water, closes his hand and produces more ice... a third time he reaches in, this time producing a HANDFUL of ice!

This is an effect that looks like a REAL miracle. There is NO other effect of this kind that can match this one.

Comes complete with gimmick and 5 page instruction booklet.
Date Added: Oct 25th, 2007
MLA SKU: TzMQ8nwt5xoZoM


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December 18th, 2007 8:03pm
Reviewed by makaplan
This trick is very close to the description. There are a few caveats. It is a messy trick, you repeatedly reach into a glass or bowl of water. You have to carefully plan where you put the produced "ice". This is not a walkaround trick. It must be set up in advance and while angles are no problem, not letting the audience touch the ice is critical.

The other major problem with this effect is the price. The supplied materials are available for under $5. The rest of the price is apparently for the creator's inventivemness. While the idea is good and all the requirements are thoroughly explained, there are few useful ideas on how to use the effect. I would have hoped for more with such a huge markup.

Official Review

July 16th, 2009 12:23pm
Reviewed by Jeff McBride
The effect is this:
You show a glass of water. Your hand is empty. You reach inside of the clear liquid, and lift out a hand-full of what appears to be ice. This ice is then passed out to the participants for examination. The effect is strong, and in the right setting, the preparation and amount of advance time to create this effect would be merited. If you are a working strolling close-up magician, you should know that this effect requires an extremely involved set-up. You have to prepare a chemical compound many hours in advance. You have to have access to distilled water, and also, you will need matching crushed ice, that is also created from distilled water. With that said, if you are a tv magician looking for an amazingly visual and novel effect for your next special, this might fit the bill.

For the right performer, in the right venue, with patience and preparation, this might be considered a four or five star effect, well worth the effort involved. But, the simple... [Read More]

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