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Zed Wallet (With Jazzy Joker Trick)

by World Magic Shop

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

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The ZED+ wallet allows you to:
  • Secretly exchange two cards in your wallet
  • Swap-out written billets
  • Exchange almost any flat object, including sugar packets, credit cards, business cards
  • Make items appear - or disappear
  • Create drawings or words to appear on blank pieces of paper
  • Exchange bank notes
  • Finish clean after packet effects
Basically, the z-fold principle wallet is also known as a switching wallet, because that is EXACTLY what it achieves... switching one side of the wallet for the other can facilitate exchanges, vanishes, appearances and more. The ZED+ wallet is manufactured from the best Italian Leather.

Comes with FREE trick to get you started : JAZZY JOKER


The spectator chooses a card from the deck. They are asked to remember the selection, and place it back in the deck and shuffle it thoroughly. The magician hands a Joker to the spectator, which they place face up into the deck and again the spectator shuffles. The magician states the Joker will locate their card... After a moment, the Joker is removed by the spectator, and is placed into the magician's wallet, and asked to reveal the card. The magician asks the Joker if he's ready, and the Joker whispers the name of the card to the magician from inside the wallet. The Joker is removed from the wallet - he is now holding the selected card!

Comes complete with Genuine Leather Pro-Spec-Z-Fold Wallet, Bicycle Deck, Special Card on Bicycle Stock and Jazzy Joker routine.
Date Added: Sep 12th, 2007
MLA SKU: 8a6HAdzxXJSoBj2


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Official Review

March 4th, 2008 12:09pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
This is a standard Himber style wallet, well made and not overly thick. It comes with a deck of playing cards, plus a gimmicked joker that allows you to reveal a chosen card. The included routine is standard fare and outlines a simple routine using the joker. At $35, this is a good price for a basic switching wallet. It doesn't have the features or the quality of the more expensive wallets, but it gets the job done and looks fairly good while doing so. If you need a Himber wallet, but don't have the budget for an expensive one, you would be well suited purchasing the Zed+.
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