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by Menny Lindenfeld

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Now unveiled for the first time!

X-Board(TM) was until today a well guarded secret - a secret now released to the magic world. Conceived by Menny Lindenfeld a few years ago, this potent LIVE SHOW MIND READING TOOL was employed in his own performances to render both laymen and professional mentalists dumbstruck.

With X-Board(TM) you'll be able to immediately duplicate a spectator's exact drawing LIVE ON STAGE, with no external assistance or suspicious moves of any kind, with no need to open, pull or remove anything. It's that simple!

X-Board(TM) is the only clipboard on the market that has an INSTANT RESET mechanism.

X-Board(TM) is the only clipboard ever created that can be used to gain information on an endless number of spectators, time after time, even during THE SAME ROUTINE.

X-Board(TM) is not just an impression-device, it is much more than that. The cunning hidden mechanism allows you to perform countless mind-boggling routines. For example, detect a money bill hidden in an UNMARKED envelope, with no need for the spectator to write or draw anything!
  • Audience tested in countless live performances.
  • Instant reset, even during live show.
  • Very easy to use.
  • For live-show and pre-show work.
  • Gain information on multiple spectators during a single routine.
  • Comes with a full-color booklet with 3 bonus routines.

X-Board(TM) - the best live show clipboard on the market today for the serious performer.

Comes complete with X-Board clipboard, 2 special markers and full color, photo-illustrated instructions booklet.

Date Added: Sep 12th, 2007


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