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Pure Filth

by David Regal

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Two couples trade partners, then magically reassemble, with NO MOVES.

This is repeated, and the magic happens VISIBILY.

As a climax, the couples "get together" in an unexpected and startling manner.

The routine can be performed in a manner suitable for any audience...or as PURE FILTH.

Comes complete with 4 specially printed cards and 8 page, full color, photo-illustrated instruction booklet.
Date Added: Aug 2nd, 2007


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September 1st, 2007 4:51pm
Reviewed by makaplan
Using the specially printed cards provided this is an easy trick to perform. Some of the moves are a little suspicious but with a light breezy touch and good patter it goes over well. If the patter (either the clean or slightly risque version) suits you, this is a nice packet trick to add to your repertoire.

Nothing earth shattering but a nice idea well executed.

Official Review

July 23rd, 2008 10:07am
Reviewed by Jeff McBride
I had the pleasure of watching David Regal in action during the recent filming of VH-1’s CELEBRACADABRA. David is known as a “card guy,” but, during the entire eight episode series never once did he teach his celebrity contestant a card trick to perform in front of the cameras. You see, there is much more to David Regal as a television personality, writer and magic consultant than you may think. I consider him to be one of contemporary magic’s best young inventors, with numerous contributions to our magic community.

David calls this “another f-ing card trick.” Well, it is and it isn’t. First of all, I feel that this is more than just another version of Brother John Hammond’s “Twins.” If you are familiar with “Twins,” you will be delighted with this version. The instruction booklet is full color and high quality stock, with a great layout. David guided me through the essential sleights and script in under fifteen minutes. This effect is a natural... [Read More]
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