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Bigger Book of BOO

by Lary Kuehn

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Category: Bizarre
Media Type: Book

Product Description

Here in one concise volume was the off the wall thinking of Larry Baukin, Scott Davis, Linc Darklon, Adrian Devlyn, Joseph Fraher, Maskelyn Ye Mage, Jim Magus, and Terry Tyson all tied together by Everett.

Contents Include:
  • The Key from the Past 1982
  • Encounters 1987 (compilation of three manuscripts The Gathering, Cassandra Potter and Ghosts on the Table)
  • Encounter with Terror 1987
  • The Big Book of BOO 1988 (including Ye Olde Dictionary of Dark and Arcane Verbage)
  • The Ghost Notebook 1992
  • Flickers
  • Wood from a Haunted House
  • The Curious Stickpin
  • The Ghostly Message
  • The Stake & The Vampire
  • The Letter

All have been carefully updated to reflect the availability of "new" gadgets that hadn't even been invented when the originals were released. And then there are those routines where using the "old ways" are still the best. 220 pages with an introduction by Jim Magus, this is fantastic source for the serious performer of the "unique".

Pages 220 - Softbound
Date Added: May 28th, 2007


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