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by Tank Hanna

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

A playing card visibly transforms into the selection. It's so straight forward, any more info would give the trick away!

Tank gives you all the tools you need to manipulate the perception of reality for your audience. Not only does the card VISUALLY CHANGE in front of their eyes, they see PROOF of physical transformation.

On the DVD, you will learn not only the secret but also numerous bonus techniques to enhance your ability to warp physical reality.

"The trick is cool," says the Great Tortuga "But the false cut is worth the price alone!"

Also, there is bonus material by Kenton- a treat for those who rarely see him do his work with cards. Pure Genius!
Date Added: May 14th, 2007
MLA SKU: CtFr8tNul5aYmb


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