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A Cut Above

by Kenton Knepper

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

< As many of you know, Kenton is more than a magician or a mentalist... He is a Wizard. And to him, that means that sometimes the lines get blurred between the two.

Often times a spectator wants you to tell them the future. A Cut Above is perfect for the impromptu `reading' by a magician, or as an opener for a more in depth session.

A blank card is shown to be the spectators future. Somewhere along the `path', they choose to make a change. You cut the card in two pieces - where they want you to - and then you show that there were many choices printed on the back. Their choice proves to be a positive and moving experience every time.

A Cut Above comes with three different versions of cards so that you can repeat the effect - and with plenty of each to perform dozens and dozens of times.
Date Added: Mar 29th, 2007
MLA SKU: vc2h1tJopcFPmCd


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