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Close-up Hypnosis Vol. 1: Stop-Smoking Mentalism

by Dr. Fabio Tabbo

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Categories: Close Up, Mentalism, Hypnotism
Media Type: Book

Product Description

Effect: A spectator is asked to participate in an experiment of stop-smoking hypnosis. She pretends to smoke an imaginary cigarette, and feels as if a real one was being used: she vividly visualizes its gray smoke, smells and tastes the tobacco, feels like coughing, etc... She then brings this invisible cigarette closer to her hand, causing a noticeable warming sensation; and when she finally decides to stub it out on her hand, she feels a sharp burn! You can present the effect under any conditions: it seems completely impromptu and gimmickless, with the performer away at all times.

Here is what the top pros say about it:

"I was amazed by the depth and the quality of his thinking... I can't recall the last time I saw something explained so well, and backed up by such clarity of thought." - Michael Ammar

"I am fascinated with it... I pick it up often and just dive into wherever I open the book, and there is some fascinating reading here. Fabulous." - Doc Eason

"The work is not only a complete act, but a unique perspective in audience control, pacing, and staging. I was riveted." - Marc Salem

"I was fascinated by the intriguing and well thought-out writing style. Wonderful stuff. Can't wait for your future endeavors." - Banachek

"This wonderful book not only explains 'how' to present a very strong impromptu-looking demonstration, it also explains 'why' each specific movement or sentence is critical to the overall effect... Many wonderful ideas." - Chuck Hickok

"A very detailed and informative thesis on the combined presentations of magic and hypnosis." - David Berglas

"In a nutshell, this effect can be done on stage, up close, informally, anytime, anywhere and is simply a miracle." - Geoffrey Ronning

"A new level of thinking. Great stuff." - Lior Manor

"It is magic in a performance/motivational sense, yet magic also in the ancient idea of using 'illusion to create truth' - one of our mottos. The cover of the book is a powerful spell..." - Kenton Knepper

"Actual wit and intelligence wrapped up in a lovingly and artfully prepared book... A wonderfully structured and thought-through routine, described with humor and style. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!" - Bruce Bernstein

"A unique concept, also helpful to people who are trying to change harmful habits." - John Riggs

"What a great thinking! Definitely a different book, recommended to the real worker." - Guy Bavli

"A very thorough, well thought-out approach. Absolutely nothing has been left out. Well done!!" - Bill Palmer

"I find it both fascinating and wonderful." - TC Tahoe

"Stop Smoking Mentalism is certainly a unique book, where you can't fail to be stunned, beyond the presented effects, by the author's preparation and care in the research and study of the elected topic. A volume that will surely be cherished by mentalism fans, but that should also be read by everyone else to understand, learn and personalize the method of analysis and the creative process." - Tony Binarelli

“There seems little doubt that, once mastered, this piece will provide a convincing ‘YES!’ in response to the question ‘Can you hypnotize?’” - Genii Magazine

“The sheer depth of thought that has gone into this presentation sets a new standard in magical writing.” - The Magician Magazine

“A phenomenal work… More than just an incredibly effective trick and a staggeringly good effect, this a doctoral thesis on performing. Stop-Smoking Mentalism isn't just a keeper for anyone wanting a powerful demonstration of hypnotic ability; it's a requirement for anyone performing in front of living, breathing people.” - Visions

“This is a book every magician should read. I’m sure you’ve all heard that you should be prepared for all possibilities in every trick you perform, but how many of you have actually done it? I really mean ALL possibilities. If you want to really understand what this means, and you want an example of this amount of preparation, you really need to read this book. This is truly a case where every move, every word, every gesture, every movement, is well-thought out, analyzed, and fully described. If you’ve ever wondered how to improve what you already do, or how to improve your stage presence and performance, this book is a must reading.” - The Linking Ring
Date Added: Feb 19th, 2007
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March 18th, 2007 5:07pm
Reviewed by JimFletcher
I always look for magic stuff off the beaten path, and I was amazed that this book was kept so underground, despite all the comments above.

Basically it is close-up magic with an hypnotism presentation. The book is divided into 5 main sections:

1) the general approach, methodology and performance philosophy
2) the gimmicks section
3) the effect itself (the bulk of the book)
4) the variations and
5) the "real hypnosis" part.

It is expensive for a book less than 200 pages, but the amount of crammed information you get is absolutely unbelievable. I don’t perform the effect because I don’t care about hypnotism, but I have applied many of the subtleties and tools/methods described to the magic tricks already in my repertoire, and they really make a difference in terms of audience impact.

I think this book is much more than the effect described, it is a treasure trove on presentation, physical and psychological subtleties, linguistics tools, use of gimmicks etc.

In my... [Read More]

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